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05:59:46 PM Apr 22nd 2014

Daria - Season 2 - Episode 9 - ILL

Brittany: I can't stand this. What was I thinking?
Daria: Brittany?
Brittany: All right, so Kevin is a stupid, selfish, conceited jerk. He's still better than Terry or Jerry or whatever his name is and this stupid club.
Daria: Who's Terry or Jerry?
Brittany: Oh, no! I've said too much! Eww. What happened to your neck?
Daria: Huh?
Brittany: Your neck. It's all, like, blotchy.
Daria: Ugh. I don't know.
Brittany: I'm not surprised you could catch something in a horrible place like this.
Daria - Uh, Brittany, could you do me a favor?
Brittany: Um... yes?
Daria: Find Jane and tell her I had to leave?
Brittany: Sure, but... will you promise not to tell Kevin about Terry or Jerry or whoever?
Daria: In the unlikely event that, through some bizarre set of circumstances, I actually end up conversing with Kevin, I won't tell him about Terry or Jerry.
Brittany: Thanks!
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