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06:32:00 AM Mar 11th 2015
I was wondering something. Since some of the entries in the Academy are gods, why shouldn't we link their names to what positions they do have in the Pantheon? or at least add it somewhere?
04:35:49 PM Apr 15th 2014
No Satsuki Kiryuin anywhere?
06:26:50 AM Mar 17th 2014
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Since Kill la Kill is all about clothing, I think this would be somewhat fitting.

Sewing Club: Shiro Iori
  • Symbol: His transparent gas mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Where his club might at first clash with the Tailor Store activities, the club specialises in making clothing out of special materials.
09:00:28 PM May 15th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
And now for general additions requests:

Additional Subject:
Dance (Ballet): Mr. Cat
Department of the Arts
I'll need a little bit of help on Symbols... thinking Lawful Neutral for Alignment, but not 100% sure, it's been a while.
  • Why not an Anthromorphic teacher? Then again, there have been a few claims of sexual harassment levied against him. Apparently, he's not a good marriage candidate.
Backup Teachers for Established Subjects:
  • Substitute for Biology, Archeology, and Automobile Engineering: Dr. Thomas Oliver
  • Kindergarden Assistant & Faculty Advisor for the Caligraphy and Origami Club(s): Mako Shiraishi*
  • Assistant for American Studies: Stephen Colbert

    And would the Psychic Club also council on Magic? If so, then install Hermoine Granger as its Secretary. While we're at it, Neville Longbottom would technically be the Gardening Club's president, with Mr. Gamgee being a Horticultiral instructor (under the Science Department, Biology sub-Dept.).
08:39:52 PM May 15th 2011
edited by DonaldthePotholer
I'd like to institute a reformation and list the Instructors and Clubs in some semblance of order. The list is long, so I've folderized it.

  • Department of Science and Mathematics (Applied Science fills at this level)
    • Applied Physics & Chemistry
    • Physics
      • Nuclear Physics & Quantum Mechanics
    • Earth Science
    • Biology
      • Ecology
      • Sex Education
      • Medicine
      • Xenobiology
      • Cryptozoology
    • Math
      • Statistics
  • Department of Engineering and Vocations
    • Wilderness Survival
    • Applied Battlefield Magic
    • Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering
      • Automobile Engineering
    • Vocational Sub-Department (no basic instructors)
      • Wood Shop
      • Metal Shop
      • Home Economics
    • Computers and Electronics
      • Computer Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • Department of Social Sciences
    • History
      • Archeology
      • Psycho History
    • Political Science
      • Criminal Justice
      • Soviet History
      • Caribbean Studies
      • American Studies
    • Philosophy
    • Economics
  • Department of the Arts
    • Writing
      • Literature
      • Film Studies
      • English Language
      • Public Speaking
    • Band
    • (Visual) Arts
      • Photo Journalism
      • Sculpting
  • Department of Physical Education (Actually has instructors at this level)
    • Aquatics
    • Self Defense
    • JROTC
  • Department of Special Needs
    • Kindergarten
    • Special Needs
    • Bistromathics
  • Remaining Faculty
    • School Nurse
    • Substitutes General
    • School Store
    • School Tailor
  • Competitive Team Sports
    • Association Football (M)*
    • Baseball (M)/Softball (W)
    • Tennis (M&W)
    • Track & Field (at least W, presumed Both or Co-Rec)
    • Kendo (M&W)
    • Volleyball (W)
    • Lacrosse (W)
    • American Football (M)
    • Basketball (M)
  • Athletic Clubs
    • Cheerleading (Has some scholarship monies to balance the one-sport advantage the men may have at present)
    • Martial Arts
    • Taekwondo
    • Fencing
    • Dodgeball
  • Academic Clubs
    • Hi-Q (Academic)
    • Chess
    • Mahjong (separated into Boys and Girls...)
    • Debate
    • Astronomy (At present, the only general Academic Club that couldn't have competitions)
  • Technological & Media Clubs
    • Audio-Visual
    • School Newspaper
      • Rival Newspaper
    • Photography
    • Literature
    • Drama
    • Engineering
    • Computer
  • Other Clubs
    • The Host club
    • Fashion
    • Video Games
    • Gardening
    • Psychic
    • Paranormal
    • Juggling
    • The SOS Brigade

Also, for Faculty that are already gods, I would have a Pot Hole to their respective House and remove all side information other than what courses they teach (both within and outside of their respective departments)
08:34:15 AM Oct 14th 2014
As for the different departments, they would also have a dean in charge of them with the individual instructors for each topic listed beneath them as well. Don't know how far this is going to go in-depth but just saying...
09:22:50 AM Nov 12th 2010
Realistically, the real Bill Nye would never accept a teaching position, as he hates kids.
09:25:06 AM Nov 12th 2010
It isn't the real Bill Nye, though, its Bill Nye As He Appears On Television. And while Mr. Nye doesn't like kids, The Science Guy does. Its like Stephen Col-bert and Stephen Colbear.
11:57:08 AM Jun 26th 2010
edited by yamiblade
Maybe we should also add the Afterlife Battlefront as a club for rebellious students
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