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05:52:54 AM Feb 5th 2014

  • Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor is currently this to many parts of Asia, due to BBC Worldwide's Asia arm normally refusing to air seasonal specials in most markets (apparently only South Korea and Japan got to watch this special). Normally the seasonal specials aren't that important to the continuity due to them being holiday filler episodes, but the 2013 Christmas Special features The Doctor regenerating from Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi, which is an important event to all Whovians as are all regenerations. The best option Asian Whovians have is to wait on and then import the North American Blu-Ray release, which is scheduled for March 24, 2014 given that Asia and the US share the same Blu-Ray region of Region A (except China, which is in Region C), or if they're impatient and have region-free DVD gear, get the UK DVD release due on January 24, 2014.

Yes, the seasonal specials ARE important to continuity, seeing as several of them directly follow the season finales they preceded and "The End of Time Part Two" is a New Year's Special AND a regeneration story, on top of "The Christmas Invasion" having the Doctor "still regenerating" after the events of "The Parting of the Ways". On top of this a similar entry that was formerly on Doctor Who's page says "BBC Worldwide Asia have promised to air the special eventually", which kind of excludes this from the trope.
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