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01:43:14 PM Aug 23rd 2014
Should a page split be done on this page?

  • Pro: would ease the loading of this page
  • Con: would break the continuity of the reading
02:00:11 PM Aug 23rd 2014
233345 is long, but not split-requiringly so. May want to ask in the forum thread on Warhammer 40000 though.
02:39:00 AM Aug 16th 2013
Deleted from Nightmare Fuel section, because Tau actually have no hope to expand much further. Their FTL means of travel are vastly inferior to other species analogs with no means to improve without Psykers and Navigators they lack. Furthermore their pace of expansion is greatly outmatched by colonisation of Humanity during both Dark Age of Technology and Great Crusade.
02:39:18 AM Aug 16th 2013
  • "I think even scary than them being the best that the 40k-verse has to offer is the fact that they are considered new by even the "young" species (such as humans) and they are rapidly expanding to such a degree that if their expansion continues, they will engulf the galaxy faster than the Nids! Good by humanity! Hello Greater Good."
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