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06:00:27 PM Jan 2nd 2017
I have to say that the whole Mushroom Kingdom example (added by Fast Furious Fan) is too long. While the first-person wording and wishful thinking of the original edit is now gone, the latest edit makes it look really bloated and long-winded; it reads less like an actual example and more like a personal essay. It should be trimmed down, IMO.
12:49:36 PM Dec 9th 2016
  • Ace Attorney:
    • Maya Fey has a tendency to wind up in unwanted trouble and need an assist at least once a game. Naturally fandom treats her like that's all she ever does, forgetting the cases where she isn't in trouble and even manages to help Phoenix out of tight spots.
    • Mike Meekins plays a vital role in helping to solve Case 1-5. Unfortunately, more fans remember him for his megaphone, which he can't even put down on the witness stand.
I'm not sure any of the exmples qualify. Maya does other things aside from being in trouble, but the truth is she does end up in trouble very often. 4 cases out of 10 involving her in the first trilogy has her in some kind of trouble for most of the case(she was framed for murder twice, kidnapped once, and once locked inside a freezing cave) so i'm not sure it qualifies as this when it does happen often. Same goes for meekins, he does tend to use megaphone a lot so i'm not sure what is there not to live down.
02:00:58 AM May 22nd 2015
Do you think it would be a good idea to create a page for Fire Emblem?
03:06:55 AM Feb 19th 2012
Had to put in a slight bit about Terry as well. I almost put down that This Very Wiki has a problem seeing him do anything other than Buster Wolf but I wanna be careful about things.

Its not the only move he can do you know.
07:56:23 PM Dec 24th 2011
Putting this here because I don't want to have a forum discussion all over the page, but: at what point in Sonic Heroes does Shadow angst? This troper has played the entire Team Dark storyline end to end, so unless he has a sudden breakdown in the cutscenes attached to the final boss (the one part I haven't seen yet)... The only thing I think could count are his lines in Frog Forest and Egg Fleet...
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