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10:04:09 AM Mar 21st 2014
I've never read this or watched the anime, but why is it called Freezing if there's no ice involved?
12:59:58 PM Mar 21st 2014
It refers to the male partner's ability to stop the 50ft monsters using a special energy from stigmata put inside them. While this happens, the female partner is able to kick said monster's backside and kill it.
06:10:23 PM Jun 30th 2012
edited by OolonColluphid
It rather disappointing all the new rape/sexual abuse apologist rhetoric on the page some of which should belong in YMMV tab, and this is from a staunch anti feminist.

The sympathetic back stories for complete monsters is something you would except to be in fanfic written by a tween.
12:30:09 AM Apr 1st 2012
edited by Sebiale
This might be a translation issue, but in chapter seventy, one of the Pandora says their Solar Furnace is holding equal to the power that the sun produces in twenty years.

That's insane.

It would mean that room is holding enough power to cause an explosion equal to a little over sixty-quintillion megatons. The most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba and that was only fifty megatons, even the proposed one-hundred-million times increase would only bring it up to a mere five-billion megatons. Sixty-quintillion megatons isn't just a disaster, it's a world-ending event. Who would build something like that on their own planet? That's the kind of thing you put up in deep space.
02:12:11 PM Apr 1st 2012
Yeah... I'm hoping that that was an April Fools joke.
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