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10:48:55 AM Apr 2nd 2013
Does anybody mind if I add a longer description? I'm thinking I'll maybe add something about the sky regalia, an explanation of how the Parts War and its tier system works, introduce the Gram Scale Tournament (it gets mentioned in a few trope exampled with no introduction), and I'll probably touch up on the conflict between The Sleeping Forest and Genesis.
10:44:35 AM Mar 13th 2013
edited by Xavier1161
I'm going to be doing quite a bit on the pages for this series over the next few weeks. I'll be cleaning up the format of examples, fixing grammar, moving character tropes to the character page, etc. I'll be adding far more tropes to the main, YMMV pages, and character pages, and probably adding a tearjerker page if there are enough. I will also be adding characters to the character page, like Yoshitsune, Benkei, Udou Akira, and Dr. Minami.

I'm also thinking of adding folders for Team Behemoth (Part of Genesis, but mostly autonomous), Team Trident (Same as Behemoth), the Old Team Sleeping Forest (would have tropes for Black Burn/Hanged Man, Falco, and Dontores, and I think Rika should be moved here, but maybe not), and possibly Team Sleipnir, if I can round up enough tropes for them. Does anyone mind if I do this?

EDIT: I'm going to go ahead and edit things on the main page. If nobody replies with a problem with my proposed course of action pertaining to the character page within a few days, I'll assume that nobody has a problem or that nobody really cares. Either way, I'll go ahead with it.
10:35:39 AM Oct 4th 2012
The entry for Black and Gray Morality seems to need a bit of fixing but I'm not sure how to approach it — mainly, the "F3ck". Strangely censored, the only swear on the page, and improper tense, too! Should it be changed to "fucked" or something milder, like "messed"? The second sentence could also use revision.

While I'm on it, Blue and Orange Morality's entry could use examples and quite a few entries need to get their grammar fixed.
12:06:02 PM Jul 3rd 2012
This page was kept per 5P decision.