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04:59:55 PM May 9th 2014
This is the same trope as Duck!.
12:57:24 AM May 10th 2014
Seems fairly similar, indeed. I'll bring it up.
02:17:55 PM Dec 23rd 2012
This trope is not just for any dialogue leading to a pun. None of these examples really fit the format, and many of the other examples probably don't:

  • From the The Marx Brothers' movie Animal Crackers.
    Groucho: Well, whaddya say, girls? Are we [three] all gonna get married?
    Mrs. Whitehead: All of us?
    Groucho: All of us!
    Whitehead: But that's bigamy!
    Groucho: Yes, and it's big o' me, too. It's big of all of us, let's be big for a change.
    • From the same film: when the millionare tells Groucho that he's going to Uruguay Groucho responds, "Well, you go Uruguay and I'll go mine."
    • Chico would often stumble into these entirely by accident, leading to his asserting that "There ain't no Sanity Clause" and requesting "a nice cold glass eliminate". (That's-a some joke, eh, boss?)
    • In Cocoanuts, going over a map, Groucho indicates a land tract is near a viaduct. Chico responds, "I don't know, why a duck?" Why A Duck? is a popular Marx scene, and the phrase was used as the title of the Marx Brothers' film concordance.
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