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12:18:14 AM Jul 10th 2011
Shouldn't there be a link and reference to the Fluffy Tamer somewhere on this page?
10:10:57 PM Feb 22nd 2011
We need a new picture. That fish is adorable!
11:35:40 PM Feb 25th 2011
I came to the discussion page to express the exact same thing. I had to google Coelacanth to confirm that it is indeed an ugly mo fo. The current photo uses a Coelacanth glamour shot with bashful eyes and a glowing smile.
11:39:15 PM Feb 25th 2011
Just to add that the "woobie" caption, while sort of funny, isn't really helpful. That sort of thing seems more appropriate for Ugly Cute.
10:45:37 AM Jan 11th 2012
True, but I kind of understand what's being implied. Coelacanths aren't exactly "pretty" like most would view say, a goldfish, but Ugly Cute is subjective.

And besides, just because it's not cute, or falls victim to the not-so-good end of What Measure Is a Non-Cute?, doesn't mean it can't be a woobie.
05:00:36 PM Oct 9th 2010
Could we possibly add a "Troper Tales" page to this? Idk how, but it'd be a good idea for people to rat about their differing views of cute. I.e., rescuing a stray kitty v. rescuing a stray snake/gecko/beetle.
01:36:05 PM Dec 19th 2010
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Isn't that what the Just Bugs Me page is for?
02:21:48 AM Jan 19th 2011
Fine I'll add one
09:40:57 PM Jul 24th 2010
I like this trope page, but I think it is too long. For instance, the part about the Antlion could be cut: cool animal, but obscure. And several of the paragraphs could be condensed to include fewer examples in the main body.

What do other people think? Should I jump in and try some changes?
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