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05:55:16 PM May 23rd 2012
I think this page might need a once-over. The trope description is "melee weapons used without historical or practical relevance," but the further you go down the page the more it becomes "this thing has a bunch of weird weapons," completely at odds with the trope description.

I'd start making edits now, but I'd rather ask before making that kind of sweeping change, especially since it's either 1) take out a lot of examples or 2) change the description to either "Improbable Weapon User BUT MORESO!" or "Rule of Cool AS PERTAINS TO REPRESENTED WEAPONRY!" which seems to defeat the purpose of the trope.
09:58:49 AM Dec 18th 2012
Probably needs a trope split or to be cleaned up into a Type I & Type II style grouping within the page.

Either way, there should be a place for works with lots just bizarre weapons as standard weapons in the setting rather than just a mass deletion.
05:06:11 PM Mar 5th 2014
The stated definition is just really complainy, which doesn't help with working out what the underlying trope is supposed to be.

"The problem comes when you give The Hero a rapier, The Lancer a scimitar and The Big Guy a broadsword."

What's the "problem"? The difference in time period? In culture? In technology level? In tactics? Whoever wrote this just assumed that the "problem" with giving different characters different weapon proficiencies was plain to see, and as a result the only common thread running through the description is (1) "characters use loads of different weapons" and (2) "this is a bad thing, for some reason", and given that the latter isn't a valid distinction people have clearly ignored it.
03:09:38 AM Mar 6th 2014
Yeah, this description needs cleaning.
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