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02:47:14 PM Sep 13th 2011
Archived Discussion:

Bra of Holding launched as Victoria's Secret Compartment: From YKTTW

Working Title: Hiding Junk in the Trunk (?): From YKTTW
prescience: Created ptitle.
Marth Vader: Moved this off this page and onto Trouser Space:
  • Shuichi in the Gravitation manga apparently keeps an important photo Yuki gave him close to, uh, his important member. This causes an awkward moment when Yuki, who wants to fully explain the significance of the photo to him, has to stuff his hand down his pants to retrieve it.

Star Bright: Would Psiren's tattoo in Fullmetal Alchemist qualify?

phantomreader42: How Did We Miss This One?: Grenadier?

  • Sailor Moon. Reached truly ridiculous levels in the Rainbow Crystals arc of the first season.

Gracie Lizzie: I dunno if that counts, they were inside the person's body. Not shoved down cleavages (especially considering 3 of them where men and one was a male cat).

Narvi: Can we have a Troper Tales page on this one? Seems to me it be needed.
Ninjacrat: 'Can we have?' This is a wiki, not Oliver Twist. :)
Narvi: Fish to you, person!
...I don't know how to do it. :(
Vulpy: Should I be ashamed to admit I totally didn't think of that vis a vis Meryl Silverburgh? Neither did my friend; we were thinking of places even jaded soldiers wouldn't conceivably look. Then again, as twisted as some of the FOXHOUND members were, I suppose nowhere was really safe.
Arivne: deleted the following and added an entry to Ass Shove.
  • The Running Man also has the main girl successfully hide a McGuffin in spite of being searched.
    • Given the size of the object and the strong implication that it was a strip search, the likely hiding place is a squicky one indeed.

06:28:40 PM Nov 8th 2015
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