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10:58:29 AM Mar 13th 2010
  • Tae Kwon Do employs a rolling technique for putting space between oneself and the opponent, but apparently the writer of the trope description Did Not Do The Research, because when done properly, it is perfectly safe and furthermore allows for more than adequate stability to defend or attack upon standing.
    • First of all, "when done properly". In which examples on this page are the rollers trained in Tae Kwon Do? I don't see any. Therefore, it's likely that few if any examples here are being done properly. Secondly, the writer of the trope description mentions "coming out of a roll into a shooting position", which has nothing to do with Tae Kwon Do, and just because you're stable enough to throw a kick doesn't mean you're stable enough to accurately fire a gun. Third, I'm not familiar with the rolling technique you mention but it sounds like you're talking about rolling backwards, away from the person you're facing, which is the reverse of most examples on this page, certainly every one I recognize. And finally, Tae Kwon Do is more of a sport and less of a self-defense technique than many martial arts; just because you say a rolling technique is part of TKD doesn't mean it's a good idea in real combat.

I think a good general rule is that any examples that have emphasis words in quotes probably belong in the discussion section, rather than the main trope page.

(I have no idea how to format this properly in the new discussion system.)
12:44:53 PM Jun 1st 2010
edited by gibberingtroper
Also, it seems like in some cases, a roll could be justified, such as when you're rolling through an open gap between two pieces of cover (assuming a roll can cover the distance.) Its quicker than crawling and allows you to maintain a lower profile than running upright (and makes it a little harder to target the center of mass which is what most soldiers are trained to aim at.)

Granted, thats only going to be a fraction of the instances listed here but I know I've seen.
08:09:26 AM Jul 14th 2011
It should be only an fraction of the examples. This trope isn't simply "doing a combat roll". It's "doing a combat roll for no apparent reason." Instances where it looked like it was an unnecessary roll, but then there turned out to be a decent reason for it would be a subversion.
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