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Ununnilium: it really common in First Person Shooters? I've never seen it in one.

Seven Seals: Well, apparently Halo has it... I'd be surprised to find in an FPS outside a cutscene, because it would obviously be very disorienting in first person. A third-person shooter is another matter (though it would still probably have no use there).

Sockatume: In Halo, it's the marines and other NP Cs who do it. Often out of the way of my jeep, because I'm going to run them over.

There could be a game where you can roll in first-person and appear to be rolling from the outside, but the camera doesn't rotate, so it appears to you the same as crouch-walking fast. I think that's how flips in Metroid Prime and Jedi Outcast are handled. —Document N

I once saw somebody do an unnecessary combat roll in a game of paintball. I shot him.