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11:11:43 PM Jul 21st 2013
In my mind I've imagined both a Super Smash Bros. themes Star Wars parody, and a Zelda themed LOTR parody. But I'm to lazy to actually write them down.
09:14:51 PM Jan 20th 2012
Seriously, we had to change the name of Commedia dell'Arte Troupe?! Something that's not a reference to a specific fandom, but a common-use term found on even The Other Wiki? How dumb do we expect our readers to be?

Pointless bitching over now. It's just that someone had to say it.
01:10:09 PM Mar 9th 2012
I...kind of agree. Commedia dell'Arte is a common and culturally significant enough term for the west that I think an English language wiki such as this one would only benefit from having it name an article. However, this page as already been thoroughly rewritten for the current title. That said, the current title is clear, concise, and somewhat witty, which puts it miles ahead of some of our other titles. So, a part of me thinks that it would be a waste to relegate it to a redirect.
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