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07:26:03 PM May 7th 2012
I removed the City of Heroes example since it specifically said it avoided it. Sure, COH has fetch quests, but they're not really Bear Ass fetch quests.
11:36:43 AM Jan 9th 2012
Perhaps the IRL example/equivalent would be wolf and coyote pelts in western and northwestern US, when a few species were hunted to near extinction. The pelts were not used, but instead proof that a trapper had killed off the canis, seen as pests in the time.
06:18:19 AM Nov 9th 2011
edited by Durlendiamenfes
About the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. example, the second second level bullet point seems rather irrelevant, since in most other games the Bear Asses are available outside of the related quests as well. Besides, it is different from the artifacts, which do have a gameplay function.
11:09:18 AM Sep 11th 2011
This article needs a cleanup BADLY. Most of the examples are complaining. I already had to rewrite the description because it was nothing but whining.
09:56:13 AM Aug 16th 2010
edited by Dausuul
Changed "It is highly speculated in some circles that this is the MMORPG equivalent of filler" to "This is the MMORPG equivalent of filler." This ain't Wikipedia; you don't have to find a reliable secondary source before you can state the blindingly obvious.
10:47:18 AM Jul 12th 2010
edited by Malfunktionv2
I thought there was a Trope Namer here before. Wasn't it Yahtzee in a Zero Punctuation?
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