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04:49:03 PM May 28th 2013
I removed this because it became a conversation, which, while interesting, is only modestly informative. It originally followed the entry on The Empire Strikes Back. My own comment is added at the bottom.

  • The Extended Universe explains that all ships have an "emergency backup" hyperdrive for when their main hyperdrive fails, which is never mentioned on film. This emergency hyperdrive allows for slow FTL travel, fast enough to limp to the nearest star system with a repair station, but not enough for the usual cross-the-galaxy-in-a-week hyperspace travel.
  • The Extended Universe is really reaching there. There's no reason to handwave in things that would have reasonably been used at a much earlier point in the movie, like when they are being chased, perhaps? The simpler explanation is that, yes, the Falcon actually does have the facilities to support a crew on an extended voyage because that's exactly what it was built for. As for wearing the same clothing, Leia wasn't exactly planning to be aboard so didn't bring her luggage, Han always wears the same thing anyway, and Chewie and the droids don't wear clothes.
    • Actually Han probably has a closet containing several identical outfits. Which might explain why Lando Calrissian is wearing one of them when he's piloting the Falcon in the last film.
    • According to relativity, there's no real way to define simultaneity between locations many light-years apart. So perhaps time simply flows differently at Dagobah than it does at Hoth/Bespin?
    • No, if they can communicate between different star systems in different parts of the galaxy in real-time, then they can clearly establish simultaneity and show that time flows at the same rate everywhere.
    • If the Falcon was traveling just under the speed of light, it could have reach Bespin in only a few hours from the point of view of its occupants while several months could have elapsed on Dagobah. (Also explains why, in the prequels, Anakin seems to have aged faster than Padme).
    • Not that I'm not enjoying the conversation, but is it really that much more convoluted that the Millenium Falcon has facilities for grooming and laundry?
03:01:19 PM Mar 1st 2013
That image... needs a 'source'... like.. WHAT THE HELL IS IT FROM. Seriously, what?
02:08:10 PM Jul 2nd 2010
This page has been cleaned to fit current Natter standards (read the text when you edit a page).
07:18:03 PM Jul 2nd 2010
edited by TuefelHundenIV
And who was this aimed at? Some additional context would be handy. It should also be noted that overly large examples should be split if at all reasonably possible.
12:16:05 PM Jul 2nd 2010
edited by TuefelHundenIV
Ok what does this line have to do with the trope? I didn't recut it I hid it with % % so if we can find a reason for it to be on this trope page instead of say the trope used or other plot type trope page its a quick easy fix.

Also used to explain why they can breathe in space.

If I remember this was cut because it clearly does not fit the trope. It has nothing to do with travel. It might fit better with other plot device related tropes.
08:46:22 PM Jul 1st 2010
edited by TuefelHundenIV
This was recently cut.

  • While its never specified how far away the mountains are from the land of iron during the Kisame Killer Bee fight the speed with which the Raikage and his entouragemoved to get there just in time.

The reason given was it basically didn't fit the trope Big Damn Heroes pothole sited as on issue but the (just in time) part fits the Speed of Plot trope itself.* Note Spoiler tags Removed for discussion purposes.

Comments, opinions, questions, can this be salvaged or should we just leave it cut.
10:03:34 PM Jul 1st 2010
I mostly just deleted it because unless it involved time rates that are contradictory or outright impossible we'd have to put nearly every example of Big Damn Heroes on this page because Travelling at the Speed of Plot is more or less a prerequisite for that trope.
12:12:18 PM Jul 2nd 2010
Ehh agreed it was kinda sketchy and I can't figure out a way to really salvage it unless you can we will just leave it cut.
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