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09:09:20 AM Feb 22nd 2013
I was editing the examples (mainly to improve Example Indentation in Trope Lists). While doing so, I decided to delete this entry.

  • Averted in the OP sequence of Mnemosyne, which shows Rin, in the buff, pressing against a stone pillar. Needless to say, her sexy back, legs, and rear end are visible for your viewing pleasure.

I don't know the show but I suspect the scene was with bare back and as such, it's not an aversion. Or if it was Averted Trope of Toplessness from the Back, it fails to say how it's averted and why should it be listed.

Feel free to add it back, but with proper treatment.
05:21:29 AM Aug 13th 2012
I removed the following example, since it's actually an example of sexy backless outfit.
01:44:53 PM Sep 25th 2010
edited by thiefoftime
Why was the picture changed? It's the exact same one as the one on Full-Frontal Assault, and the old one was just fine. I'd change it back, but I'm not quite savvy with how to do that yet..

Edit: Never mind, it was changed back.
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