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10:45:13 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Top quote says a RiffTrax is the trope namer, but never specifies what is being riffed. What is it?
10:49:38 PM Aug 22nd 2012
It's a Riff Trax on the trope namer, which is Harry Potter. The Riff Trax itself isn't the trope namer.
09:39:50 AM May 10th 2012
I understand that a lot of "normal guys" are named Adam, but given how it was the name of the first human in Judeo-Christianity, it's still Significant as a name. There's a LOT of Adams in the examples, though. Discuss?
11:13:01 AM May 10th 2012
Particularly since, even though "Adam" (or the equivalent) is a common first name in some Judeo-Christian cultures, it isn't in many others ... much less Japanese. In a manga or anime, such a moniker should be presumed significant—and hence doesn't belong here.
12:57:33 PM Jul 12th 2012
Agreed with both of you. In Buffy, for example, Adam is very much a meaningful name for a man/machine/supernatural being hybrid created by man. I'll delete this one.
06:39:23 AM Mar 31st 2013
And again. C'mon guys.
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