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Ron The Death Eater / Harry Potter

"No." he said meanly. "I don’t give a darn what Voldemort does to Draco. not after how much he misbehaved in school especially with YOU Enoby." he said while he frowned looking at me. "Besides I never liked him that much anyway."
—"Albert Dumblydore" (in one of the more extreme examples of this trope), My Immortal

  • In 3 Slytherin Marauders Ron, Hermione, and Lupin are introduced as Jerkasses (though they seem to get better in later chapters), also Sirius. Taken Up to Eleven with Neville who has become The Resenter and Unknown Rival to Harry, and Dumbledore who bound Dudley's magic so he would remain a muggle and paid Vernon to abuse Harry so that he could swoop in and "save him" later in order to turn Harry into a weapon that would be completely loyal to him and would be okay with dying for the "greater good."
  • In the AU 893 Dumbledore is a senile idiot with too much on his plate and his xenophobia and ethnocentrism does nothing to endear him to the Yakuza-raised Harry Potter he wants to control. Also Ron is Flanderized into a pointlessly jealous Jerk Ass.
  • In Abandon and its sequel Reclaim, Ron raped Hermione on her birthday, getting her pregnant. He also explodes a glass in Ginny's face and attempts to poison Harry. During the summer Dudley and his buddies gangraped Harry. Dumbledore had Vernon under imperious so that he would molest Harry from a young age in order to "teach Harry his place in the world." Later Dumbledore sends a killing curse at Harry unmindful of the young child Harry has rescued from the battle.
  • In Abandoned To The Cold the Dursleys make Harry go through such extreme abuse that if he was normal he’d be dead. He goes a week without food or water, Dudley gives him piss to drink, and as a Christmas tradition every year Vernon and Dudley torture Harry with knives, skinning him alive. Harry mentions that the only thing Uncle Vernon doesn't do is pimp him out and that's only because it hasn't occurred to him yet. Dumbledore is fully aware of the abuse and encourages it to happen. Dumbledore also routinely brainwashes Harry with leglimency— implanting feelings of worthlessness so that Harry will be willing to kill himself later for the sake of Dumbledore's plan.
  • Aspirations changes the usual Evil Ginny scenario by having Hermione turn on Harry after his name comes out of the Goblet. When he gets together with Ginny, she tries to use a love potion on her (which doesn't work because Harry manages to resist its influence) and then begins to learn dark magic. Naturally, she goes rather mad from that, but after an attempt to kill Ginny (which backfired - literally), she has a What Have I Become? moment and is Put on a Bus later. However, her behaviour is later retconned: while the first chapter established Hermione turned on Harry as soon as his name came out of the Goblet, an episode taking place after the magical backfire states she had gone to talk to Dumbledore the morning after in order to find a way to get Harry out of the Triwizard Championship, but Dumbledore put her under a charm that blocked her from acting normally.
    • Ron, meanwhile, is just a somewhat bigger jerk than in the books, being unwilling to accept it is his fault that his friendship with Harry ended, and is actually trying to help Hermione despite her constant abuse of him.
  • In Bad Blood Will Out Molly Weasley and Dumbledore have been poisoning Harry with a potion to keep him dumb and compliant and a slave for Dumbledore. Ron was only pretending to be Harry's friend and drops the act as soon as it becomes obvious that the potion is no longer affecting Harry.
  • In the likely Troll Fic Becoming Female, joining the Death Eaters is just the beginning of the evilness of "that sexist idiot Ron Raper".
    "Who would've thought that we'd be hoping for Voldemort to save us?" I said. "I guess it goes to show how evil Ron is that Voldie doesn't seem so bad anymore."
  • In The Black Bunny the Order of the Phoenix goes nuts after the death of Dumbledore. The story begins with Harry wanting nothing more to do with them after the Order slaughtered most of the Slytherin kids and blamed it on Death Eater attacks.
  • In A Black Prince Rises Harry is the son of Voldemort and Bellatrix stolen by the Potters, Sirius is a Death Eater and he really did betray the Potters, Ginny is an evil minion, and Molly and Dumbledore try to weaken and entrap Harry with potions and magical bindings.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossover Blended Blood, in which Harry is Loki's son, after Harry defeats Voldemort Dumbledore throws a severing curse at Harry's back in a blatant attempt to kill him. All for "the Greater Good" of course.
  • In Blinded By Their Hatred Ron and Hermione blind Harry with dark magic, attempt a botched castration and let him overhear a staged conversation designed to make him think that his lover committed suicide.
  • In Blood Matters. Dumbledore has put a Glamour Charm on young Harry Potter to make him look like James Potter, but it turns out he's not Harry Potter at all, but rather THE MALFOY'S missing child. Lucius and Narcissa are painted in a much better light than they would ordinarily be portrayed and once they realize they've been mistreating their own son all this time they genuinely regret their mistakes and raise him right, with an overprotective Draco being one of the Heartwarming moments here. Unfortunately, Ron and the Weasleys do not take easily to the idea of Harry actually being a Malfoy and Ginny is really one of the only ones to try and reach out to him (but she still sees him as the him he used to be and not Orion Malfoy.)
  • Bonded. Starts off when the Dursleys try to kill a six year old Harry (Dudley participating). Dumbledore believes himself to be good... but his idea of ensuring the survival of good is "Get Ginny to have a child with Harry, get Harry killed, let the weeping widow raise a heroic child who'll be too disgusted at dark magic".
    • The 'Abusive Dursleys' plot is in full-force within the first two paragraphs alone:
    Less than half an hour later his uncle who burnt his tongue on a gulp of hot coffee then proceeded to pound the child repeatedly for half an hour leaving him unconscious with a broken left arm and bruises to 80% of his body. He left the right arm unbroken so the boy could do his chores.
  • In The Bone Man Dumbledore and the Light side are all Card Carrying Villains that cackle evilly at the thought of abusing Harry Potter and arrange the deaths of students they don't like. Voldemort and his Death Eaters are okay dudes even if they are more than a little insane...
  • Broken is a twist on the manipulative!Dumbledore story in that Dumbledore was pulling a Zero-Approval Gambit, pushing Harry to hate him and rebel so that he would enter a neutrality pact with Voldemort which subtly works to redeem Voldemort and the Dark in the process, and so bring peace to the Wizarding World.
  • Child Of Grace uses this, along with "alternate universe female Harry" and "Ron hates Harry for not being in Gryffindor", bringing us Holly Potter, a girl who swings between being a Purity Sue and a Jerk Sue and who begins the tale sitting out in the snow while the Dursleys are inside eating dinner. She is quickly established to be skinny, frightened by anyone touching her, heavily black and blue under her clothes from the beatings, and will curtsy to all strangers because the Dursleys had had such manners "all but beaten into her".
  • Some of the stories featured in this collection of Harmonian one-shots use this. Surprisingly however, it is not the Weasleys who bear the brunt of it. In the final short story, Dumbledore is made guilty of stealing more than eight million galleons from Harry's bank vault at Gringotts, an offense so great he and his accomplice Snape are executed on Harry's first day at Hogwarts. Despite this, Dumbledore still comes off as better than the heroes.
  • In Comeuppance this is subverted with the Weasley family who are portrayed as the most loyal of friends. Dumbledore, however, is an uber-manipulative control freak and Hermione is his two-faced, spying sidekick.
  • In the Pandora Hearts crossover Cursed Green Eyes, Harry was found guilty of murdering Cedric at the end of book 4, and sent back to his relatives, where he was banned from Hogwarts, had his wand and magic taken from him and basically put under house arrest while his various friends curse him out and tell him he's worthless. Notable Exception in that Ginny is not bashed and is the only one who believes Harry is innocent, which later proves to be futile because his relatives get fed up with his existence and murder him. He is reborn as Jack Vessalius and the fanfiction mostly centers around him bashing Snape/Oswald while he bashes HIMSELF for being so naive.
  • In the Marvel Universe crossover CyberTech: War of the Worlds, Harry's sister, Amanda, is the Girl-Who-Lived and Harry is sent to the Dursleys. Amanda is actually pictured normal and oppressed by Dumbledore. The Dursleys are arrested in the beginning of the story for the usual reasons. The Potters seem to be that trope at first, but then it turns out Dumbledore has been controlling them. By the time of the sequel; Molly and Ron are in prison, with Ron in some kind of relationship with Blob and Molly still refusing to believe Dumbledore could do anything wrong, Lily is with Psylocke, Dumbledore in a padded cell after being cursed to dream about the suffering he caused, and Voldemort is in therapy after sharing the cell with Dumbledore. And it is shown in such a manner that it's difficult not to pity him. The sequel's added alternate dimension has a manipulative, but not quite evil Dumbledore (it splits off approximately the canon where book 5 begins) and a homophobic Wizarding world which brainwashes muggleborns and Muggle-raised into forgetting their previous life.
  • Dark Secrets presents an example of literal Ron the Death Eater, though it's for the sake of the Draco/Mary Sue ship rather than Draco/Hermione. Also NSFW.
  • In The Darkness Series Dumbledore manipulated everyone with a fake prophecy and painted a target on the Potters backs and he's been trying to get Harry killed since his birth.
  • Dear Family, Jump Off A Cliff is a Wrong Boy Who Lived story with a twist, even the Wrong Twin Who Lived gets fed up with the way James, Lily, Sirius, Dumbledore and his followers are treating Harry.
  • In Death Is Mine when Harry is wrongly imprisoned and chucked into Azkaban it took his so-called friends ten years to even try and get him a trial. Dumbledore and the Weasleys have been stealing from Harry's vault and Arthur and Molly are using part of that money to send Ginny (who is around 8 years old at this time) to courtesan school so she may learn the art of seduction and how to a perfect wife for Harry. Also Arthur Weasley disowns the twins for being good sports and showing any support for a Malfoy.
  • In the Hellsing crossover Death's Visage Vernon Dursley is a rapist along with a Domestic Abuser, Dumbledore is secretly a manipulative Knight Templar who tries to bind Harry's powers away because they're "too dark" and wants to force Harry to remain with his rapist relatives "for the good of the wizarding world" while he is fully aware of the abuse. Also when Harry is sorted into Slytherin Ron becomes The Bully.
  • In A Demon's Mate Cedric becomes a Bastard Boyfriend to Harry in an instance of Derailing Love Interests. The text also casually refers to Dumbledore as "a pedophile" (though since it's from Voldemort's Point of View this may be a case of Unreliable Narrator).
  • In the Devil May Cry Crossover Devil's Ascension the Dursleys beat the then four-year old Harry regularly until he was rescued. Then some eleven years later Dumbledore forces Ginny Weasley to be possessed by Tom Riddle's diary again in order to "test" Harry Sarda when his other attempts at controlling him fail.
  • In DID You Hear The Rabbit Cry Harry has Dissociative Identity Disorder due to the abuse he received from the Dursleys. As well as the canonical emotional abuse it's also physical (from Vernon) and sexual (from Petunia).
  • In A Different Destiny Dumbledore is the Big Bad and is manipulative to the point that Voldemort never existed in this universe he was a mere fabrication of Dumbledore's a bogeyman that Dumbles could unite the Wizarding World against in order to keep everyone under his control. He framed Tom Riddle, a young Slytherin boy who knew too much and trapped him in a diary. Dumbledore also was the one to attack the Potters. He killed Lily but decided to keep little Harry and James alive as his pawns. He also bound Harry's magic and paid the Gryffindors and later Luna Lovegood to spy on him.
  • In Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards Ginny is a Yandere who stalks Harry to the point where even Yuno Gasai would have been going '... a bit much, surely?', deliberately impregnates herself with stolen sperm and then tries to use the test-tube-child to trap Harry into marriage, and nearly kills Luna for the high crime of talking to Harry (although in fairness the part where Luna almost died was an accident — Ginny didn't know that Luna was seriously allergic to bee stings). Also Dumbledore is obsessed with controlling every aspect of Harry's life—especially since Harry has unlocked God-like powers.
  • In Donahue the Potters are still alive and are huge jerks, especially James who is portrayed as a at least half-insane Knight Templar who fanatically hates all things "dark". The Potters abandoned Harry with the Dursleys as a child without any sort of explanation, fully expecting he'd be abused there (they hadn't considered that Petunia might take pity on the boy Lily abandoned and decides the best revenge would be to raise him right) and then just as suddenly the Potters force Harry to leave his muggle family when he actually grows up to be happy and well-adjusted there.
  • Done to many characters who were already unpleasant in canon in the controversial Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, indeed forming a large part of why the story is so controversial.
    • Severus Snape, who in the books was a very, very effective Reverse Mole who through all his sadist teaching legitimately tried to protect as many students as possible from the Death Eaters, is here shown to thoroughly enjoy his position as Death Eater-appointed Headmaster of Hogwarts; he attempts to assassinate Neville, hires the former Dragon to Grindelwald as school disciplinarian, and when a Slytherin student defects to the good guys it's strongly implied he has the boy's entire family killed. He still turns out to be a mole here, but this is simply treated as the final insult; that someone so horrible could still be remembered as a hero simply for nominally siding against someone even worse. This essay by the author interpreting him as an unrepentant sociopath looking for an excuse to murder and torture students. Even considering that he's a rather unpleasant Sadist Teacher in the books, the logic taken to reach this conclusion is... somewhat debatable given the textual evidence. Especially since Word of God from Rowling indicates that Snape often shielded students from more severe punishment at the hands of the Carrows.
    • Crabbe and Goyle have their Smash Mook characterization taken Up to Eleven and become torturers and rapists.
    • Even the crotchety janitor Mr. Filch is shown to have joined the Carrows as a school Torture Technician.
    • Two minor characters, John Dawlish and Albert Runcorn, also receive passing mentions as having literally joined the Death Eaters; in the books they're Umbridge's henchmen, which is plenty bad, but there's no indication they serve anyone but the Ministry.
  • In Eclipse of an Archangel James and Lily forgot that Harry exists because they thought that his Jerkass OC brother was the boy who lived, Dumbledore is a manipulative idiot, and Ron is also a Jerkass.
  • The Elfen Lied Crossover Elfen Song strips Snape of any complexity so that he becomes a total monster and loyal minion of Voldemort who is merely driven by psychotic urges and his unrequited vengeance lust for James Potter that he redirects towards his son. Oh and Hermione kills puppies for fun.
  • In Emancipation Ron is a lazy idiot who only hangs out with Harry for the fame and has a pathological hatred for all things "dark."
  • Embers Of Dusk is another wrong boy-who-lived story where James, Lily, and Sirius are neglectful and abusive towards Harry until Dumbledore decides that rather than having Harry around to grow up as The Resenter they should instead wipe his memories and send him to live at a Muggle orphanage. Harry ends up at Wool's. Nice Job Breaking It "Heroes".
  • In Empire Dumbledore is the ultimate evil of the story. He left Harry to be abused by the Dursleys so that he could "save" him later, framed Sirius Black, made sure the Potter's will was lost, and Voldemort was merely his Unwitting Pawn and its implied that Dumbledore was somehow behind Voldemort's madness. Later when Sirius begins to disrupt Dumbledore's plans he tries to get Snape to poison him.
  • In the parody Every Betrayed!Harry Fic Ever: The Short Version Dumbledore is a Card-Carrying Villain with Molly as his evil minion.
  • Exhibit A does this to the entire Order of the Phoenix (except for Snape) when they decide the best way to get Harry to manifest "the power the dark lord knows not" is to torture and rape him for two years.
  • In the Dark!Harry Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Crossover Eye Of The Storm Harry is a descendent of Darth Revan and Bastilla Shan and his true parents were Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, Neville and his family are descendents of Mandalore and he was merely pretending to be an ineffective, weak, Nice Guy and is in fact a Bad Ass Proud Warrior Race Guy who has been trained from birth to serve as The Dragon to Revan's Heir a.k.a. Dark!Harry/Darth Giudizio. Hermione decides she's cool with Harry going dark as long as she's with him. Dumbledore bound Harry's magic so that he was practically a squib, and Ron arranged for the death of Sirius Black in an attempt to control Harry and after getting away with this murder Ron spontaneously develops a God Complex. Ron is pretty much a Card-Carrying Villain in this fic and his actions disgust even Sith Lords. Ron also puts his little sister Ginny (who is an innocent victim in all this) under the imperious and tries to make her seduce Harry away from Hermione because Ron wants to make Hermione his Sex Slave. And even though Ron is said to be a pathetic loser he is able to overpower Hermione twice despite Hermione's allegedly taken a level in Badass in order to become Dark!Harry/Darth Giudizio's Queen of the Sith. By the end of the story Voldemort comes off as far nicer than Harry because while Voldie genuinely cares about his son Harry repays him with a sudden and inevitable betrayal.
  • In Faery Heroes, quite a few characters who aren't Harry, Hermione, and Luna get this treatment. Dumbledore actively arranged for Snape to overhear the original prophecy, knowing and hoping that it would lead to either the Potters' or the Longbottoms' murder so that he could make Harry and Neville "broken, passive, to accept their roles as martyrs for the Greater Good". Ginny is an obsessive near-stalker who attempts to sneak Harry love potions and break up his relationships with Hermione and Luna. Molly regularly steals money from Harry's Gringotts vault, assists Ron and Ginny in attempting to dose Hermione and Harry with love potions, and is implied to have done exactly that to Arthur at least once. Snape is a sadist who arranged for and participated in the kidnapping, gangrape, and murder of a Muggle couple in order to gain favor with the Death Eaters, and said of Lily "What use would a Mudblood slag have besides serving her betters on her back?". Ron, of course, is [[Flanderization flanderized]] the most: a chronically stupid, pathologically lazy, monstrously selfish, petty, jealous waste of humanity, who in an alternate timeline betrayed the Order of the Phoenix to the Death Eaters to get revenge on Harry for getting together with Hermione, routinely bullies and harasses students when he is made a prefect, and expresses a desire to rape Hermione after Dumbledore drugs her with a love potion. For this, he is put under a curse that causes constant bad luck, suffers genital mutilation at Dobby's hands, and is finally murdered by Luna directly in "poetic justice" for his actions in the alternate timeline.
  • Done literally in Fidelius. The trope is ultimately subverted, as Ron is a Double Agent.
  • In The Final Hiding Place Dumbledore framed Tom Riddle for everything that's happened in the series.
  • In the Durarara!! Crossover Game of the Future, Harry Potter has been manipulated by Dumbledore without love potions, compulsory charms, and the like, rather grooming him through emotional manipulation and making him as naive as possible and Ron and Hermione are spies and tell Dumbles everything Harry does. However, Hermione comes to genuinely like Harry as a friend and decides to hell with keeping secrets from him, I'll tell him everything myself. However, Ron lashes out at Harry after the Triwizard Tournament begins and hits Harry on the head with his wand, giving him a concussion. He finds out about the betrayal, snaps his wand in half and flees. Nine years later, Snape finds Harry Potter living in Japan as an information broker by the name of one Izaya Orihara. Izaya has no interest in the Wizarding World except to manipulate them, but bashing does ensue, in the form of Ron beating up on Hermione. However, it is revealed that Dumbledore planned for Harry to die against Voldemort, but if he doesn't and is crippled, he'll still make children with Ginny and then die, or else they plan on him being obliviated of his memories and become a vegetable. Naturally, Harry overhears and this is only the beginning of his rise into darkness and causes him to have some issues.
  • In the likely Troll Fic Genesis Vernon regularly gifted Harry with lashes and cigarette burns and the caretakers at Tom's orphanage regularly whipped, raped, and cannibalized their students. Dumbledore will never lift a finger to help abused children and he lets his students get gangraped on a regular basis. He also bound Petunia's magic so she would remain a squib, (unknowingly or not) tried to brainwash Harry into killing himself, and tried to force Harry to marry (and be bound to) Ginny regardless of his wishes on the matter, neglecting the fact that he's already married to Bellatrix, Tonks, and his own mother. Also due to a Timey-Wimey Ball thing Harry is actually Voldemort, a necro, and his own father but that's okay because James is kind of a dick what with forcing Lily to have sex with him under the imperious and all. Also Lily is not a muggleborn but actually the daughter of Grindelwald who was actually Hitler. Though this may be a subversion because despite who her father was she's still a nice enough person... or as nice as any of the protagonists of this story gets anyway... Also in the story's climax when Voldemort inexplicably brings up his Freudian Excuse again McGonagall tells him to shut up because she knows he never even tried to get over it and while Voldemort is an evil bastard that sounded quite a bit like Victim Blaming considering his Freudian Excuse was that he was gang-raped by muggleborn students.
  • In The Ghost of Lily Potter Ginny uses polyjuice to pose as Harry's mother while insulting Snape and telling him no one could ever love him, Imperiuses three male Slytherins into raping Harry in an attempt to make him "stop being gay" and molests him in the hospital wing afterwards.
  • The Girl Who Lived does this in a truly bizarre fashion. At first, Ron is more or less his canon self, but as time went on most of his good moments were handed off to Hermione or Neville or Rose. This left Ron as a lazy idiot who begged Rose to let him copy her homework, only for her to roll her eyes and condescendingly tell him to do it himself. The author also makes his bad moments (like the fight in The Goblet of Fire) appear far worse then they are, giving Rose the chance to fight back. Ginny, meanwhile, is initially presented as Rose's best friend and fellow Druidess, but after rewriting Order of the Phoenix she appears to lose with favor with the author and by extension Rose, and is more or less replaced by Luna. In the brief amount of time she's shown in Half Blood Prince she's a jealous shrew who wrongly picks on Fleur and yelled at by Rose. Helps that the author is a committed Harmonian, explaining the Ron and Ginny bashing.
  • The Golden Age sells itself as a Deconstruction but is really more of a Hate Fic, as the author admits to finding very few canon characters likable. Individually, Harry is a nigh-lunatic Shell-Shocked Veteran with no idea of how to live in a peaceful world, Ron is a sociopathic prankster who repeatedly ruins Hermione's prize possessions and eventually, in a scene set in the epilogue period, ends up leaving her for Oliver Wood's barely legal daughter, Hermione is a mini-Umbridge, the Ministry of Magic is revealed to have an entire office dedicated to cataloguing Wizard rapes of Muggles and then covering them up, Dumbledore is posthumously revealed to have been a Knight Templar who attempted to get Harry killed to destroy Voldemort, and James Sirius inadvertently starts World War III between Wizards and Muggles by playing a horrific prank. By the end, the only sympathetic characters are Snape, the Malfoys, a Fixer Sue named Jane Rochester, and oddly enough, Ginny, who here gets the "pawn of gold-digging Molly" characterization.
  • In Hadrian Black Dumbledore arranged for both Harry and Neville to be placed in homes where they would become weak, malleable, and easily influenced by authority figures such as himself. After Harry is rescued from the Dursleys and had his Death Faked For Him Dumbledore arranges for Augusta Longbottom to be tortured and killed in an attempt to kidnap Neville to groom him to be the replacement boy-who-lived.
  • In Hail Odysseus, as soon as Ginny is sent to Slytherin her entire family turns her back on her. Her only friend is Tracey Davis and, when he arrives, Harry Potter.
    • Blaise Zabini, who in canon is a non-Death Eater Slytherin student whose major defining characteristic is 'stays as neutral as possible', in this fanfic becomes a serial-killer-in-training, who is studying advanced murder tactics from his serial-killing mother and aspires to a future career of seducing rich women, taking their money, and then killing them. He tries to murder Harry Potter (as a paid hit man for Draco, no less!) and ends up accidentally killing Tracey Davis in the process, at which point Harry & Ginny team up to murder him in revenge.
    • In fact, much of Wizarding Britain gets this treatment, especially Amelia Bones. She makes a deal with Harry, reneges on it, and shows no concern at all when told that one of her Aurors tried to rape Ginny. It gets to the point that when Harry literally hands Britain over to Voldemort (after secretly sabotaging him by destroying his Horcrxes) and leaves with Ginny to America, readers are intended to sympathize.
  • Most of the entire British Wizarding World is given a full dose of this in Harem War, (M), a fic which pretty much tropes the entire wizarding society, mocking virtually all the pureblood culture and presenting many of the men most people dislike (Death Eaters, Fudge, the works), as perverts who possess concubine slaves and various other parts. To tropes Molly standard, Draco standard, Dumbeldore standard Harry hater and the main seller of concubines (AKA, any girl without a father or other designated magical guardian, a list that would at various times feature Hermione, Luna, The Patil's, Lavender, Cho and many OC's, Snape standard Lucius standard and Ron standard taking on full Trope form, barring the death eater part, as time goes on. However, it also shows off several troped characters pleasantly. Ginny originally believed to be in her troped form but was proven to be innocent, the Dursley's were shown to be under personality altering potions, Remus was slightly bashed for being responsible for making Nymphadora a Concubine at age 13, but this was later shown to be a result of a misunderstanding of the laws( And under the correct assumption it would be better for her than if he was wrong), and Pansy was shown to be sort of half half....
  • Harry and Hermione's secret: "Did you know [Ron] tried to rape last year?" Presented entirely matter of fact and never referenced again.
  • Harry, in Slytherin. Ron severs ties with Harry the second he's sorted into Slytherin, giving him "a look of deep hate". He assaults Hermione in their first flying lesson, and in his second year nearly kills her with a spell; expelled, he ends up attending Durmstrang (often referred to as the "evil" school, despite Viktor Krum being a student there).
  • In Harry Potter and the Acts of Betrayal Dumbledore is a manipulative bastard and most of the Order of the Phoenix is morally dubious at best and outright evil at worst. Ron, Molly, and Ginny have been feeding Harry and Hermione love potions so that Harry would end up with Ginny and Hermione would be Ron's Sex Slave. Meanwhile Tonks (using her shapeshifting powers to look like Ginny) regularly rapes Harry in his sleep.
  • The Ongoing story Harry Potter And The Altered World, features a world with bashing of a huge swath of the Wizarding World so strongly it was easily, and quite tangibly visible during the second chapter. The story, as it was a world that was randomly altered after Harry traveled back in time, features Dursleys who tried to kill Harry and Hagrid in Hut on the Rock, and killed offscreen, 'Ronfoy Prewett', Molly Weasely being best friends with Rita Skeeter and Dolores Umbridge and a new Headmaster after Year 3 who is the embodiment of Pureblood bashing (His last name is litteraly Plasma). However, its who he doesn't bash that is almost as scary when compared to their canon counterparts; with Hufflepuff Malfoys who are close to their 'Uncle Remus', with Lucius as the Auror who put Bellatrix Away (Thus preventing the loss of Neville's parents), Lockhart is actually competent (Yet he is depicted like a Greater good Dumbeldore) and Hagrid is depicted as getting a new dangerous pet every year, ranging from a Nundu named Mr. Whiskers to Flesh Eating Squirrels (The only pets he was depicted as not having were Ra'zac... there are a ton of cameos)
  • Harry Potter And The Curses Cure was quick to depict Ginny as an attention seeking "slut", Ron as violent, pushy and stupid, Molly as a banshee and Snape and Draco as rapists. Arguably justified in that Ginny had part of Voldemort still inside her (Molly didn't take her to get checked), with Word of God saying Ron will one day be redeemed.
  • In the Film Fic Harry Potter and the Dark Knight (based on The Dark Knight Saga) Harry becomes The Joker and Neville is the true Hero of the story.
  • An essay on feminism (''Harry Potter and the Feminist'') claims that Lily Potter did nothing to stop Snape becoming evil- conveniently ignoring the multiple times she tried to intervene and her continued protection of Snape even as he joined the Death Eaters. Snape ended their friendship himself- by throwing a racist slur at her, no less- yet it's Lily who we're supposed to consider a bad friend.
  • The very first Harry Potter fanfic, Harry Potter and the Man of Unknown, did this to an extent. While not Obviously Evil and maintaining the pretense of his canon personality, Dumbledore was nonetheless revealed to have given Harry to the Dursleys over his mysterious uncle (the Anti-Hero protagonist) and his reason for doing so was fairly dumb.
  • Harry Potter and the Marriage Contracts is perhaps the archetypical example of Ginny Weasley as the Village Bicycle. Ron also gets the standard sexist Jerkass treatment re: Hermione, even though Harry is paired with someone else.
    Molly: Ginny, you've got to calm down. Minerva has caught you four times with different boys.
    Ginny: That just goes to show that she's not as informed as she thinks. She missed five others, Mum. Look, with everything I'm doing for you, you can cut me some slack. That pathetic half blood upstairs must be a eunuch. I haven't managed to get a bit of action out of him.
    • This is toned down in the revised version, in which Ginny genuinely likes Harry, but the reason why she is with Harry is because she thinks he is going to die fighting Voldemort and wants to give him something to be happy for before he marches to his death.
  • Proof that not all fics that do this are bad: Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past does this to both the Dursleys and Snape, justified by the author as taking the abuse seriously (the frying pan being swung at Harry's head being classed as assault), and the last book not being released when the fic was started (the writer therefore did not know whether Snape would be redeemed or not - although he stated openly he believed in the first option). Dumbledore gets this slightly as a Well-Intentioned Extremist who believes in the ends justifying the means.
  • In Harry Potter and the Paradox after word gets out that Harry is the Master of Death he is betrayed by Ron and Hermione. Kingsley Shacklebolt and Harry's former coworkers among the aurors imprison him beneath the ministry to cut him up in secrecy. The Ministry does this to him for centuries. Later (or earlier) Dumbledore tries to have Harry murdered because Harry was responsible for Grindelwald's capture. Also Nicolas Flamel becomes Harry's creepy stalker.
  • Harry Potter And The Restored Legacy does this with Ron, though unlike most fics, the writer explains this by being tempted with a ministry job by Percy to work with Umbridge, Dumbledore is originally depicted a bit greater good like, but during the story its explained the entire reason why he did so was not the only way and spends the second half of the story redeeming himself, with Molly being the reason for his behavior in the first half.
  • Parodied in Harry Potter and the Something Something:
    Vernon: Boy! I'm trying to come up with some new ways that I could make your life even more miserable than it already is, but I'm having a hard time with it. What do you think?
    Harry: I don't know, Uncle Vernon. I mean, you're already allowing me only the barest minimal necessities for keeping me alive. You're also beating me on a four times a day basis, five times on Saturday since it's your day off, plus the beatings that Dudley and his friends give me whenever they feel like it. Also, I've never been allowed to properly tend to any of the wounds I've received from those beatings, so my body's probably heavily infected in multiple places right now. You killed my owl and then forced me to cook her for your supper, and then beat me because she was too salty. I could honestly die any day now of starvation, dehydration, overexertion, or a combination of all three. The jury's still out on whether or not I've contracted cancer from that toxic waste you dumped on me the other day, and let's not forget that I'm also mentally scarred, not just from all the verbal abuse I take from you three, but also from seeing my godfather, the last remaining family I have that cared about me even the slightest bit, killed right in front of me not so long ago. I can honestly say that my life sucks about as hard as is metaphorically possible already and, off the top of my head, can't think of a single way that you could make it worse short of murdering the rest of my friends in front of me.
    Vernon: Well, what if I were to violate you sexually?
    Harry: ...Well, there you go: that would do it. That would be the proverbial icing on the seven-layer tragedy cake of my life. I really have to commend you, Uncle. Voldemort himself could take lessons on what it means to be a truly evil bastard from you. And I'm not just saying that, either. When Voldemort wants to be evil he just kills people, or tortures them into insanity and then kills them. Pretty cut and dry stuff. But you? Hell, you actually sap the very life out of a person, making them so unbearably miserable that it just completely takes away any will to continue living that they might have had. And then when they think their life has hit rock-bottom, well you just go find them a pick-ax and tell them to get back to digging. Truly monumental, that.
  • Harry Potter And Teammates, a rare fic that pairs Harry with the three Chasers, bashes Molly by having her confiscate and refuse to return Harry's account key (People who read Fanfiction get one guess as to what this will most likely lead to) and initially hints at Hermione keeping a major issue from Harry out of spite, but this is later revealed to only be because she found out when Harry and her were fighting and was scared that he's react badly (their friendship remains)
  • The Naruto Crossover Harry Potter: Bloodline is another "wrong boy-who-lived" storyline where James and Lily ignore Harry growing up and they disown him when he's sorted into Slytherin and has the additional horror that Dumbledore intends to one day use Harry in a ritual that will make his Jerkass OC brother more powerful—a ritual that will drain Harry of his magic and kill him! But then when Dumbledore and the Potters learn that Harry has inherited family magics that are non-transferable along with quite a bit of money they (suspiciously) suddenly want him back. Also Ron and most of the Gryffindors are jerks.
  • In Harry Potter: The Dark Wraith, Dumbledore is a horrendously evil man who steals souls to get stronger to become immortal. Psychopath Ron also quickly emerges after being rejected by Hermione, who then immediately blames Harry for it and wants to kill him. The story wastes no time in derailing both of these characters; it does so in the 1st chapter.
  • The "abusive Dursleys" and "Harry the Death Eater" plots are parodied in Harry Potters Anonymous when the various Harry Potters from multiple fanfic universes have a meeting:
    "In any case, I can assure you that none of us are planning to join the Death Eaters any time soon–"

    A shifty-looking Potter raised his hand. "Ah, well, I might've changed my mind about that..."

    The Potter wearing the Death Eater mask cheered loudly. "Welcome, brother! I am pleased to be informed that you have regained your sensibilities and have decided to claim your proper place in life!"

    "Yes, well–" the Potter who had previously been in control of the conversation attempted to regain it.

    "Damn, mate! How could you do that to us?" wailed a redheaded Potter.

    "'E said 'e'd get me away from the Dursleys, 'e did," admitted the shifty-looking Potter.

    "The Dursleys?" the nerdy-looking Potter asked, confused expression plastered over his face. "Why? What did they ever do to you?"

    "They beat me," said the shifty-looking Potter. "And made me stay in the cupboard under the stairs whenever they had guests over."

    "My uncle used to lock me in the cupboard under the stairs for months at a time!" another Potter shouted in indignation. "But you don't see me complaining about it, do you?"

    "The cupboard? That's nothing! He used to lock me in a closet!"

    "A closet? What are you complaining about? You had it good! My uncle would shove me underneath a loose floorboard at night! And then he'd pull a rug over it so I couldn't get out!"

    "At least you had that! My uncle would put me in a shoebox! Then he'd wrap it in fifty feet of chains, and lock it in the garden sheds."

    There was a moment of silence as all present bowed their heads.

    "Good old Vernon," the nerdy-looking Potter said with something approaching fondness in his voice.

    "Good ole Verny," the drunk Potter agreed with a hiccup.

    "He still beat me," said the shifty-looking Potter, now looking decidedly uncomfortable.

    "Ah, those were the days," agreed another Potter.

    "I remember this one time, he hit me so hard I saw stars," the nerdy Potter said.

    "You saw stars?" another Potter scoffed. "You got off easy. Once he hit me so hard I saw entire galaxies of stars."

    "Pah!" said another Potter, the glass of Firewhiskey in his hand held at a precarious angle. "That's nothing! The old man used to hit me so hard I saw galaxies, daily."

    "If he just hit you, you were lucky. My uncle used to whip me with his belt every day!"

    "You mean he only used his belt? So what? My uncle used a whip!"

    "A whip? Please. Vernon used to beat me over the head with a broken beer bottle every time I came home!"

    "I only wish my uncle had used a beer bottle! He used to stab me repeatedly with a knife every night before he went to bed!"

    "Oh really? That's nothing! My uncle used to beat me to death every night, and dance on my grave!"

    Everyone looked admiringly at the Potter wearing the black fedora.

    "And we mustn't forget our dear old Aunt Petunia," sighed one Potter, a disturbingly lovesick expression on his pasty face.

    "Petunia," sighed another. "Dear, dear Petty."

    "She tried to drown me in a bucket of cleaning solution once," the nerdy looking Potter said wistfully.

    "Once? That's nothing! She tried to drown me repeatedly!"

    "Tried to? You got off lucky! She drowned me so bad I actually died!" exclaimed the Potter in the Death Eater mask.

    A pause.

    "I got better."
  • In the Harry/Hermione fic He Is Not One of Us after Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of Fire everyone at Hogwarts routinely and systematically abuses, neglects, or bullies Harry (with the notable exceptions of Hermione, Sirius, Remus, and, surprisingly Snape) but Ron is by far the worst, he is an even worse of a tormentor to Harry than Draco (who is still very much The Bully) and Dean and Seamus become like his versions of Crabbe and Goyle. This version of Ron takes to calling Hermione a mudblood whore when she refuses to abandon Harry for him and wants nothing more than to kill Harry and keep Hermione as his Sex Slave. Also Fleur tries to seduce Harry for no other purpose but to show that Harry is faithful to Hermione.
  • In Healing Harry by Bobmin 356, Dumbledore and Snape plotted to make Harry weak so that he could be easily controllable. Their initial plan was for him die fighting Voldemort, but this plan does not work. Part of the Order was in on the plan, including Tonks and the Weasley parents, and Remus and some others never told Harry about his past and that of his family. Subverted in that Ron, Hermione and Ginny were never into it, and actually become very angry when they realize what Harry was put through.
  • Zig-Zagged in Heir. Ron becomes a Death-Eater but it's because he's a true friend to Harry and Draco and because the rest of his family are jerkasses who were willing to sacrifice him for the greater good. And Harry is a Death Eater because in this universe after suffering years of abuse at the hands of the Dursleys and having only the horcrux in his head for companionship he's become the Heir to Lord Voldemort. The Death-Eaters are portrayed as Well-Intentioned Extremists who get the Sympathetic P.O.V. in this fic-they're still plenty nasty but Harry and Snape are acting as their Morality Pets and secretly Voldemort has changed his stance. He no longer thinks that all the muggleborn have to die. The exception is Lucius Malfoy who gets his own Ron The Death Eatering here where he becomes an Abusive Parent who regularly tortures Draco with the Cruciatus curse. Meanwhile some of the light order remain good guys but not always... Oh, and Ginny is Harry's creepy, pathetic, and budding Yandere stalker who keeps throwing herself at him when it's clear he's not interested. Also Dumbledore is a manipulative Villain with Good Publicity seeing as he has no problems with killing students if they get in the way of his plans—he believes that if he just murders Draco and makes it look like an accident then Harry and Ron will automatically fall back in line with the Light. In the latest chapter it's implied that Dumbledore made Draco rape Ginny while under the imperious curse or maybe wiped Draco's memories and then raped Ginny himself.
  • Hermione's Talent makes Ron into a cheating bastard and Lavender (who Ron cheats on Hermione with) into an actual Death Eater.
  • An odd example in Paul Gadzikowski's crossover fanfic webcomic The Hero of Three Faces: A few strips are based on a gag that JK Rowling based the Harry Potter books on stories the Doctor (from Doctor Who) told her about his schooldays, altered to be about magic instead of superscience. The real Gallifreyan kids Ron and Hermione were based on grew up to be the Master and the Rani.
  • ANYTHING by hippogriffgirl42, who is widely believed to be a Troll. Her most infamous fic, revolves around a Mary Sue matchmaking Harry and Hermione by killing the 'Weasel Tramp', who is in league with an American Dark Lord. The story begins with this, which was one of the most light-bashing parts of the story.
    It was seventh year, after the defeat of Voldemort. Everyone had come back and things were normal again except Ron was dead but no one really care about that. At the opening feast that year Professor McGonagall made a special announcement.
  • In Honey Dumbledore and the Ministry regularly cannibalize the muggleborn students for their power.
  • Fanfics which indulge in Ron bashing also tend to portray the wizarding world as ridiculously archaic and obsessed with blood purity. There are a number of fics where Ron wants to teach Hermione her place in the wizarding world since she's just a mudblood and begrudges Harry his wealth because he is a "half-blood", and you wonder why the war was fought at all. Sample this piece of gem from the fanfic In This World and the Next where Umbridge becomes Minister instead of Kingsley Shacklebolt (since the minister has to be British and a pureblood). Umbridge has this to say after Ron rapes Hermione: "The law states that it is impossible for a pureblood to rape a Muggle born or half blood, the girls should be delighted to receive the attention of such noble wizards"... Voldemort looks like a seriously misunderstood dude in comparison.

    Ron, incidentally, was not only evil but a "shit wizard" who couldn't hex two Muggles properly. Despite this, he still managed to overpower Hermione twice.
  • In I'm Done, Harry leaves the Wizarding World and the cliched element of the goblins helping Harry is in full force here, as they read a letter on about Harry's decision and what led him to this choice. As usual, the Weasleys are evil and he's being controlled with compulsion charms, love potions and the like, and Dumbledore is also evil like usual, wanting Harry to die so he can sweep in and grab the fame. It ends with Harry leaving and no one finding him.
  • In the AU The Indecipherable Riddle Harry learns that James and Lily Potter aren't his real parents and that James Potter kidnapped Bellatrix and Voldemort's son during an auror raid and then fed him dangerous potions so that they could pass him off as their own. Also as soon as Dumbledore learns of Harry's true parentage he can't throw him away fast enough—Dumbledore has him declared legally dead and proclaims Neville as the true "Boy-Who-Lived."
  • The Jaded Eyes Series: James and Lily survived Voldemort's attack but Dumbledore still kidnapped Harry and placed him with the Dursleys for "the greater good" without James and Lily's consent and he's not above using brainwashing and mind control to have his manipulations fall in line. At the Dursleys Harry was nearly beaten to death so regularly that he eventually snaps and figures its kill or be killed. Also James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, and Ron don't care much about the concerns and feelings of others nor are they very tolerant of anyone who doesn't conform to their perfect view of the world (this marks them as Not So Different from the story's Villain Protagonists.) Lily seems to think that the new girl has to sleep with Sirius because "he's such a nice guy". Also despite never sparing much of a thought to Harry's wellbeing the Potters feel entitled to have Harry as well and never mind what Harry's life was like for the past fifteen years—he can't be a Dark wizard! He must be the perfect son and brother and the super-special chosen one! As for Harry himself he becomes a ruthless monster that is far more deadly than even Voldemort when he brings about a Class 3 Apocalypse against the Muggle world.
  • In Just Call Me Dudley all of Dumbledore's plans fall apart because the Dursleys don't abuse Harry. They love and support him even though he's magical, and move out of the country in order to keep him safe from Wizarding Britain and all that that entails. Upon finding Harry, Dumbledore keeps trying to uproot him from his family and force him to be friends with the obnoxious Weasleys and Hermione who already thinks she knows all about him from reading about him in her books.
  • The Last War Infamous "Harmonian" screed that satanizes Ron and Ginny, chickifies Hermione and makes Harry a Jerkass. To the point that, when Hermione kills Ron remorselessly-in front of their children-after spending several years whining endlessly about how abusive he is to her and Harry beats up Ginny for being soooo evil. These actions are seen as good things.
  • In Lettered this is subverted with Ginny who does not get this treatment and remains Harry's best friend. It's played straight however with Ron and Hermione who become raging homophobes and are revealed to be spies for Dumbledore who were only pretending to be Harry's friends. Dumbledore himself is conspiring to steal Harry's magic and all the credit upon Voldemort's defeat. Dumbledore also created Voldemort by allowing dangerous psychiatric experimentations on "at-risk" children (one such experiment involved brainwashing to hate muggles)—most of the subjects died but Tom Riddle was the only "success" of an alternate personality taking hold.
  • A notable subversion appears in the fanfic, The Lie I've Lived. Harry James Potter (Pretty much when Voldemort hit Harry with the Killing Curse it damaged Harry's soul. It latched onto the nearest one to fix it, this being James Potter. So Harry is one part Harry and one part James) actually expected Dumbledore to turn out like this and accuses Dumbledore of being the Uber Maniuplative bastard that most of this page makes him out to be. At the accusation Dumbledore..... collapses in upon himself, and laughs bitterly. The next half of the chapter is Dumbledore saying that he wishes that he was that good, that a lot of the crap that happened to Harry was planned, and that he wasn't constantly having to struggle to keep everything from falling apart around them. Harry is downright surprised to find Dumbledore avert this by stopping himself after realizing the extent of his actions thus far. Then he apologized.
  • In Life Turned Upside Down Dumbledore Imperiused Tom Riddle into releasing the basilisk, had one of his children and several of his friends' blood-adopted by (mostly) Dumbledore supporters, forced Tom's wife into being obliviated and going to her family in America with his other child, and Imperiused the Lestranges into Cruciating the Longbottoms and Tom into creating the Horcruxes - deliberately using Muggle children for the latter.
  • Lily's Defender does this to James Potter and Sirius Black. After getting off on the wrong foot with Lily on the Hogwarts Express, they immediately turn racist and prejudiced against Muggle-borns, believing they are too "stupid" to attend Hogwarts, despite the fact that there is no evidence James and Sirius held those beliefs at any point in their life in the actual canon and openly rejected them at several points, Sirius hating his family for being pureblood fanatics and James repeatedly asking Lily out despite her constant rebukes.
  • There's an interesting variation in Lord of Caer Azkaban—Ron is portrayed as a crass, arrogant, glory-hound and prejudiced against all things dark. So before Ron can discover and get pointlessly jealous that Harry has become the Lord of a Dark Kingdom Harry's loyal subjects arrange so that Ron gets interested in attending a Magical Chess school in Moscow where he can be the Big Man on Campus. After a few weeks in Moscow Ron actually begins to mature and is able to overcome his inferiority complex enough to spare a thought to Harry's feelings. Eventually this is Subverted completely because when Ron does find out that Harry is Lord Azkaban his response is "better you than me" because he doesn't want the responsibility of ruling a country. He also gives Harry and Hermione his blessing because he's in love with an OC chess champion. Meanwhile Dumbledore is cool with Snape sending horrifically painful dark curses Harry's way if it means he can capture Harry and have him under his control and whenever he mentions the so-called "Greater Good" he actually means 'feed my ginormous ego.' Though later he actually comes to realize what a colossal dick he's been.
  • In ''Losing Control Almost the entire collective of Hogwarts are made out to be sadistic bullies, tormenting Harry so much that he isolates himself entirely. Individually, Ron turns into a self-entitled bully who's getting paid to spy on Harry, Neville is stated to have 'failed an alliance' where he was supposed to befriend Harry and be at his side in all things, Dumbledore is a manipulative bastard who tries to manipulate Harry at every turn and killed his grandparents in search of power, McGonagall is a mindless yes woman to Dumbledore who didn't take up her duties as part of Harry's family, Sirius and Remus are supposedly cowards who didn't speak with Harry in his time of need, Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot are depicted as 'slags' who fawn over Cedric, who is incidentally one of the only people who treats Harry with any sort of humanity, and Ernie is retconned into an abusive husband towards Daphne Greengrass in the epilogue. Practically the only people not bashed are Harry, Cedric, Cho, Luna and Daphne.
  • In Losing Touch Dumbledore has been molesting Harry since he was 11 and the Weasleys and Hermione and most of the Hogwarts staff know about it and don't care.
  • Lovely Sympathy is a story taking place post-Deathly Hallows but with one big difference: Snape lives. Of course, this has the effect of turning Ron into a maniac who regularly abuses Hermione, including using two of the unforgivable curses on her, to get him out of the way so Hermione can end up with Snape.
    Mr Weasley kidnapped Miss Granger from behind my back, used crutiatus and then fled. She is fine, but refusing to let me leave, cover needed for my lesson. Will explain more later but it looks like Harry is in big trouble.
    Severus Snape
  • In Marble Serpent The Aurors are all rabid cops that regularly harass and beat the "Dark" wizards that are just minding their own business and trying to scrape out an almost-honest living. Also in this fic Dumbledore is nastier than Voldemort because while Voldemort can be reasoned with and may even be so inclined to spare your life if you have something to offer there is no reasoning with the Light side's fanaticism. Dumbledore controls his minions through indoctrination, mind control, and torture. Also Ginny is obsessed with the idea of the Boy-Who-Lived and intends to make Harry hers, regardless of his desires and Ron raped Hermione and Dumbledore is forcing her to carry her rape child to term and most of the Weasleys were keeping Hermione a prisoner in their home.
  • In Me And My Dark Side Dumbledore has been stealing from Harry's vaults, put blocks on Harry's magic for being too "dark" (which has long-reaching consequences for Harry such as developing a Split Personality), and because he doesn't want to be inconvenienced by the department of underage magic he put yet another block on Harry's magic when dumping him at Privet Drive for the summer leaving him to be beaten by the Dursleys and vulnerable to Death Eater attacks.
  • Played With in Me, Myself, and I where Ron Weasley is the traitor but then its revealed that he himself is just as much of a victim since he was only acting this way because Wormtail regularly poisoned him with a mind-altering potion that made him Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • In the X-Men Crossover Mutant Storm in a world of wizards, werewolves, veelas, centaurs, and the Fantasy Kitchen Sink Ron Weasley is inexplicably bigoted against mutants (he gets better toward the end). Also Snape is a Card-Carrying Villain now. Dumbledore sort of zigzags in the middle for most of the fic.
  • All over the place in My Immortal. The Trope Namer himself is merely turned into a "goff" friend of Ebony's (and changes his name to Diabolo), and despite Harry/Draco being a couple in the fic, Ginny is only mentioned briefly as one of Ebony's clones. At the same time, however, Dumbledore, Snape, and Lupin all get Death Eater'd. While he's certainly out of character, exactly what Dumbledore does that's so evil is a bit of a mystery. The quote at the top of this page is practically the only exception to his portrayal as a good-hearted, senile moron, but the only thing Ebony and friends care about is that he's a "poser". It's also weird that Snape is considered a "prep" when the canon Snape is arguably the most gothic character in the whole series. Furthermore, the portrayal of Snape and Lupin as "pedos" seems to come completely out of left field.
    • McGonagall gets a dash of this too, the most glaring example being when she magics chains onto Ebony, Draco, and Vampire, and then leaves them to be tortured by Snape.
  • Inverted in New Divide because rather than Ron going crazy it's the entire world that has gone crazy because Ron is the only one to object to the glorious m-preg union of Harry and Lord Voldemort. All of Harry's other friends are happy for him even after spending three years in Azkaban for trying to rescue him. After pointing out that Voldemort is a murderer and Harry's relationship with him is unhealthy Ron loses all common sense and attacks Voldemort directly resulting in him being A.K.ed by a grinning Harry moments later.
  • Played half straight in NSFW fic Not Go Gentle — while Ron does rape Hermione, he was being manipulated by Ginny, who is a straight example, being in love with Voldemort, though he at least is only using it as a source of loyalty.
    • The author loves this trope. Most of his stories contain large amounts of Weasley-bashing, followed by incredibly inventive punishments. His fanfics have featured Dominatrix Hermione, Cowboy Voldemort, Wrestler Voldemort, Evil!Alternate Universe!Harry, Super Masochist!Ginny, more gratiutious sex than a shelf full of porn, Ginny as a shrieking harpy who attempts to rape Harry, Ron's Book Dumb flanderized into such stupidity that he can't tell the difference between one hole and another (better than his treatment in subsequent fanfics, where he's raped repeatedly by the ghoul in his house and a harem of watersports-loving Slytherins), and Mrs. Weasley in a lesbian relationship with Dolores Umbridge. Let that sink in a bit.
  • Played with in Nothing in Return — it seems that Ron is evil, but the real Ron been dead ever since the contact with one of the brains inside the Ministry, which used to belong to a Death Eater's relative. Dumbledore seems to be rather manipulative, but as of chapter 32, the extent is unclear.
  • In Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Dumbledore refused to stop Voldemort until the "right child" was born so that he could set up Harry's parents and then use him as a weapon. He also had a miraculously-alive Regulus Black thrown into an asylum under a false name, tried to force Harry into marrying an equally-reluctant Ginny Weasley so that Dumbledore, Ron and Percy could snag the Potter fortune and kidnapped and tortured Draco Malfoy and a pregnant Snape (with implied rape in the latter case).
  • In The Obligatory Marriage Law Fic, by Bobmin 356, there are several references to Dumbledore being this during and after the war, expecting Harry to die, something that made the Weasley family turn on him. Also, Ginny screwed up after the war ended and argued with Harry over his missing several parties, but after Harry disappeared she realized her mistakes and tried to fix them up as best as possible.
  • Parodied in the "Conspiracy" Omake in chapter 71 of Odd Ideas where Dumbledore is responsible for everything horrible that happened in the world for the last hundred and something years which includes but is by no means limited to assassinating JFK, starting WWI and II, and has the side hobby of being Jack the Ripper.
  • Oedipus Flower (which has been deleted) asks what Harry would be like without a fragment of Voldemort's soul inside of him. He ends up having sex with his sister and his mother (both willingly and at the same time), then murders his brother and father. (So I guess he'd be worse without a pychopath's Horcrux in his head..?)
  • In One Winged Angel it's subverted with Ron who has grown up since 4th year and doesn't get resentful or angry with Harry when Harry and Tom Riddle decide to end the war in a different way than is expected of them and Ron remains a supportive, loyal friend to Harry. It's played straight however when Hermione's love of rules and authority figures is flanderized until she's like Umbridge 2.0.
  • Downplayed in Paradise Lost— while Ron is a Jerkass and cuts all ties with Harry when he's sorted into Slytherin, he's hardly the only student bullying Harry and so Harry, for the most part, ignores him. Also Dumbledore left Harry to be abused and starved by the Dursleys but he really did have good intentions and when he realizes what his actions have wrought (Harry becoming a dark wizard Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds) he has a My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • Paraselenic has the surprise Plot Twist where McGonagall is Voldemort's Deep Cover Agent. Also there's Dumbledore—after he realizes he's lost control of "his weapon" he mind rapes Harry by trapping him in a Lotus-Eater Machine showing how everything could have been so perfect if he would only forfeit his pesky freewill and become a mindless slave for Dumbledore.
  • Partially Kissed Hero would be perhaps the crowning example of Evil!Dumbledore, had the fic not later on gone entirely off the rails (Not that Dumbledore's gotten any better; he's just gotten less and less rational, to the point where the plot seems to be random'ing all over the map). Dumbledore is presented as secretly controlling all of Wizarding Britain, to the point where Voldemort is an almost irrelevant sideshow. Snape is also Flanderized into Dumbledore's equally evil sidekick.
    Harry: Think, Hermione! If you wanted to rule the Wizarding World, what would you want that Dumbledore doesn't already have?!?
  • In The Phoenix Syndrome by apAidan, which is one of the very few epilogue-compliant bashfics, Ron is a lazy jealous git who never loved Hermione and only married her so that Harry would never be happy. He also gladly cheats on her with every woman in sight, including Pansy Parkinson, and is so stupid that he never notices Pansy using their trysts as opportunities to steal and photocopy classified Ministry documents from Ron's belongings. But that's still nothing compared to the delusionally insane sex-addicted sadistic psychopath that Ginny's turned into, and that's before you factor in Ginny's having been possessed by the horcrux of Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • Subverted in Possess Me where Ron is like the best friend ever and is supportive of Harry and his choices—no matter what. Played Straight with Dumbledore who tries to kill Harry after he embraces his vampire heritage.
  • Played for Laughs in Potter Puppet Pals, in which Harry is a sociopathic Jerkass who makes everyone's life a living hell. Among other things, he's driven Neville to suicide and ate his corpse, decapitated Draco and set him on fire while singing a happy song about it, threw Snape into a wall over and over again for no reason until he lost consciousness, and went on a rampage where he beat random people unconscious with a club, while Ron and Hermione are his Extreme Doormat companions.
    • Earlier shorts, on the other hand, show Harry as just mildly annoying, and instead gave this treatment to Snape, showing him as a short-tempered Jerkass (more so than in canon) even to the point of murdering Harry and Ron for invading his personal space.
  • In Potter's Wheel Harry has a friendly chat with Voldemort in his mindscape while he sorts through all the myriad compulsions he had been living under courtesy of Dumbledore, Hogwarts and the Wizarding World in general due to their attitude towards Muggle-raised students, Molly Weasley, Dumbledore, Umbridge, Hermione, and of course Dumbledore.
  • The Prayer Warriors. While most of the characters are just Designated Villains, Dumbledore is said to be a paedophile and in one of the early chapters whips a kid for praying to God, and later has a stand-in for the author's brother executed for worshipping both God and Satan (while this would come off as a Moral Event Horizon, interestingly enough, the author expects us to like it). Interestingly enough, Ron doesn't come off as badly as many examples, and at worst, he isn't that bothered by the death of his sister.
  • In Pretty Boy Dumbledore is just as bad if not worse than Voldemort, he's just as arrogant and cruel and he has bound Harry's magic so tightly that Harry could hardly produce enough to power any spells and if Severus hadn't found and removed the bindings it would have killed Harry by the time he turned 20. Dumbledore has also has been leeching the life and magic out of his brainwashed followers. When Harry discovers Dumbledore's plans for him shortly after arriving at Hogwarts he ran away but Dumbledore refused to admit he's made a mistake and continues to tell everyone that Harry is safe and undergoing intense training while he continues to steal from Harry's Gringott's accounts. When Sirius and Remus insist on seeing Harry, Dumbledore lies to them and says Harry doesn't want to see them and that he hates them. Dumbledore also has no real interest in helping magical creatures such as werewolves and only sees Remus as his weapon, regularly making him go on the most dangerous missions. Later when Sirius interferes with his plans Dumbledore considers rendering him comatose or breaking his mind because he can't just kill him seeing as he still needs to access the Black family properties. Also Ron is a lazy and narcissistic unemployed lout who would never have even passed school if not for Hermione's help.
  • Infamous fanfic author pstibbons does this to pretty much every character who is either a.) not Hermione, b.) not a Death Eater, and c.) not easily made gay, working off the premise that none of Hermione's common potential suitors are good enough for her, with Harry and Ron being portrayed as horrible people for even the tiniest slight against her, which, of course, has the unintended effect of making Hermione come off as a sociopath. In "A Very Alternate Yule Ball," Hermione punishes Ron (exclusively referred to as "MoRon" by the narratorial voice) for a minor insult by orally raping him with his own penis, and gets away completely scot free after justifying herself with a confusing rant that is a thinly-veiled Take That toward the US Military's former "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy (with Muggleborn wizards standing in for gay and lesbian Armed Forces members); Hermione thereafter leaves Hogwarts takes over the Death Eaters and succeeds Voldemort as the most feared dark magic practitioner in Britain... despite deciding she wants to be a Badass Normal and trading in her magic for a katana and tracksuit. In "The Writer," Ron and Ginny commit some unspecified heinous crime, and once they are captured, Ron is executed by being sodomized to death with a sharpened broomstick and Ginny is exiled to an Alternate Universe with no magic which turns out to be Real Life, and Ginny adopts the alias of J.K. Rowling...
    • Which basically means that in punishing Ginny, they inadvertently made her the richest woman in the United Kingdom. Nice Job Breaking it, "Heroes".
  • Dumbledore is a Manipulative Bastard again in Princess Of The Blacks being the Light Is Not Good foil to Jen Potter/Black's Dark Is Not Evil. To start with he convinced the Potters that Jen was a squib so that makes it okay to dump her at the Dursleys of course. Worse he continues to try and meddle with her life afterwards, trying to get her to reconcile with the family that abandoned her or set her up with Ron Weasley who she had barely exchanged words with.
  • In Raised by Wolves Dumbledore is a manipulative fool and it's like Draco and Ron have swapped personalities.
  • In Raistlin Majere and the Philosopher's Stone Dumbledore nearly drives Hermione insane (albeit accidentally) when he places her under a number of compulsions in his attempt to manipulate Harry/Raistlin "back to the light."
  • This little abomination. You do not want to know.
    • It's Seel'vor's "The Real Us", for those who want to know what it is without actually giving it a click. As to why it qualifies? It retcons the entire series. The ENTIRE series. As in, NOTHING the books told you was going on was really going on. The amount of effort the author put into this actually earned it a place on my favorites' list, in much the same way that a master-class forgery of a painting is in its own twisted way a work of art.
      • A sample: Hermione performed Legilimancy on the crowd after the Battle of Hogwarts to read their minds. She tells Harry "Ron's looking at us wondering why we're standing so close. He thinks you're a twat and I'm his bitch, and he can't wait to have me under control and underneath him. Creepy little shit." And of Ginny she says, "Apparently [she thinks] I'm a filthy Mudblood bitch, and Ron will soon teach me my place. Also I'm not to stand so close to you, because you belong to her." And that Ginny intends to drug him after his speech. Oh and Ginny has been stalking him and "borderline psychotic". (Such a charming tale)
      • Also from the first chapter: Percy Weasley has been "drawing up plans so that all Muggleborns and Half-Bloods become registered. If the Ministry don't like them for some reason, they can be subject to a ritual to transfer their magical core to a worthy pureblood, increasing their own powers."
      • Molly, Fred, and George are also not depicted in the best light. In fact Snape (yes Snape) wears a freaking t-shirt that says, "When you absolutely have to kill every Weasley in the room, accept no substitutes" and this is considered a good thing. Oddly, Arthur Weasley is presented as every bit as nice in this story as he is in canon so this makes even less sense. But still more sense than Snape in a t-shirt.
  • In Rescuing Darkness Harry is raped by Vernon and Dudley so that he can be saved by Voldemort and his Death Eaters.
  • The Return of the Marauders makes Neville an arrogant, lazy Entitled Bastard and Dumbledore a man who is not above using Compulsion Charms and making Ginny think she owes her life to Neville just for the sake of controlling the Weasleys better. Molly's actions are due to both Dumbledore's manipulations and a desire to regain the luxurious life she had before attending Hogwarts. Snape has no qualms in having sex with his female pupils (polyjuiced to resemble teenage Lily Potter) in exchange of better marks, and then obliviating them.
  • Averted in The Rise of an Alpha series (Becoming Alpha, Return of an Alpha, Clash of the Alphas and Life of a Conquering Alpha). While, at the start, Ron dislikes Harry for being a Slytherin, Harry's kindness and efforts to have the whole of Hogwarts working together, as well as saving Ginny from the Tom Riddle's Diary, have him slowly mellow out and, while he doesn't become as close to Harry as the canon Ron, he eventually becomes a friend and partner in what Harry is doing.
  • Played painfully straight in Rise of the Drackens, where Ron decides to punch a pregnant Harry in the stomach for outwardly dating two Slytherins and two people a lot older than him, almost causing a miscarriage. The fact that Ron is basically the only person in Hogwarts to react negatively to the relationships makes it all the more infuriating. Eventually, Ron gets cut out altogether to focus on other drama.
  • Played With in Rise of the Wizards: Dumbledore, while manipulative, is still very much the Big Good and seeks to atone for his past mistakes but since he never communicates any of this or the reasons for his plotting Harry thinks that Dumbledore is out to kill him and later he stumbles across some damning documents that make it appear that he was paying Ron and Hermione to be his friends (It's Not What It Looks Like, really). Harry becomes darker and more manipulative as he believes everyone is out to get him and eventually this leads Harry to make a deal with Draco—he'll help him kill Dumbledore if he helps him kill Voldemort. Later after Harry has become an Evil Overlord Ron, Hermione, and Percy kidnap (and in Ron's case physically abuse) Harry's children and Remus Lupin becomes the werewolf terrorist leader known as "the Wolf King."
  • Ron's Hogwarts is a sterling example of the breed, flanderizing Ron as so utterly stupid, selfish, and such a waste of space that the Rons from all other fanfics listed on this page would get together to collectively jawdrop at just how caricatured a bash fic this is. Then again, its taken so ridiculously far over the top that its actually sorta funny.
  • Ruined In A Day is a Dark Fic in which Harry manipulates Ginny into killing herself just for the hell of it.
  • The Sacrifices Arc by Lightning on the Wave does this to Lily Potter, who raises Harry to be a Tyke Bomb with no personality beyond "protect [his twin brother] Connor, don't outshine Connor, die for Connor if you have to" because Connor is the Boy-Who-Lived. As we all know, it's perfectly fine to turn one of our children into a Child Soldier if the other one is famous.
  • For possibly the most extreme and idiotic example of the Dursleys getting this, look no further than a sad story. Vernon is physically abusive to Harry, often when he doesn't follow his (contradictory) orders, and ultimately ends up killing him.
    "The family is going out to dinner" he began "You will stay here, but you will be somewhere where you can't make any trouble" He said as he grabbed Harry by the neck and dragged him to the garden Shed. He padlocked the door with at least 20 locks.
  • In The Saga of the Lightning Speaker is a Wrong-Boy-Who-Lived verse where Dumbledore is very much an evil man. A few of his many crimes: he regularly uses compulsions and mind control on his many victims, appears to be manipulating the Potter twins so that one day they will kill each other, arranges things so that Harry's brother tries to kill Harry's mentor, attempts to put Sirius under the imperious curse in order to betray Harry, and tries to kill Hermione because of a vaguely worded prophecy that states that she'd somehow be a threat to his power.
  • Subverted in Secret of Slytherin, in which Ron is the only one of the Trio to fully accept Draco's genuine Heel–Face Turn:
    Harry: (to Ron) I mean, most of the time, it's one of the things I like best about you, that things are so... simple for you. But Malfoy's been raised for this, trained for it. He told me once that a murder is just taking control of someone in a final sort of way, like it was nothing. I knew he'd be a Death Eater then, a murderer. I should've listened to my instincts.
    Hermione: Oh, Harry. We all could have guessed it, but we didn't want to believe it of him...
    Ron: You two sure do turn on a knut, don't you?
  • In The Seekers, the remains of Tom Riddle's personality resurface in Ginny after Harry and Cho hook up. The resulting personality starts dating Draco, then murders him once he reports her, murders the real Voldemort once he tries to kill Harry... well, quite the charmer.
  • Semper Letteris Mandate inverts the usual scenario of "Ron is a jealous traitor and Hermione goes along with it because she's dating Ron." In this story Hermione is both The Resenter and a wannabe evil mastermind who is spying on and trying to control Harry and Ron is just her whipped, weak-willed boyfriend.
  • "In my opinion the dark seems lighter than the light. The dark does not lie, if they don't like you or want to kill you they say it to your face. The light will sit there smiling at you lying every chance they get and if possible trying to manipulate the situation so you end up dead and they can't be blamed."
  • In Slytherin Angel, Ginny is sorted into Slytherin and most of her family (save for the twins, who cannot even speak to her in front of their mother without incurring in Molly's fury) considers her a dark witch (both for that and for what happened in the Chamber of Secrets, from where Harry saved her). When it becomes revealed that Malfoy raped Ginny, Ron thinks she had sex with Malfoy willingly and her parents disown her for "bringing shame to the Weasley name". Then, after Sirius adopts her, they demand that Ginny return to them and try to have her change schools so that she cannot be in contact with Harry.
  • Snake In The Dark does this to Dumbledore and certain members of the Order—Molly, Arthur, Ron, Ginny, and Lupin beat a passive and unresisting Snape so brutally that it causes Bill, Charlie, the twins to defect to the Dark side.
  • Something like your family by Luan Mao (who writes quite a few stories like this one), it is told in pieces and flashbacks of Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Notably, Ron and Draco actually get along in this one, and he, along with the rest of Gryffindor, happily bully Harry and make sure he doesn't tell anyone. McGonagall is the one who's most out of character in here, as she refuses to listen to Harry and MAKES him take part in Quidditch, and the rest of the team bullies him and physically beats him. Ron also turns on Harry the second he refuses to goof off with him and he torments him. Soon enough, everyone at Hogwarts hates Harry, and Hermione is also dead. Harry later on has enough and flees at the Christmas break, refusing to go back to the Dursleys and compares them with Hogwarts. He is of course forced to go back. Dumbledore, for once, IS NOT bashed in here.
  • In Song of the Serpent Dumbledore is his Knight Templar manipulative self, he's been stealing from Harry's vault, made sure the Potter's will was lost, framed Sirius Black, placed Harry with the Dursleys so he'd be abused and downtrodden, and arranged a marriage contract between Harry and Ginny when Harry was two years old. Oh, and Ginny is a "slut", naturally. Ron and Hermione are Dumbledore's spies. Ron is an idiotic glory hound who's face is always stuffed with food. Hermione believes anyone with the title of "professor" can do no wrong and anything "Dark" must be evil. Also she isn't actually intelligent so much as a skilled plagiarist of published texts.
  • In A Squib Worth when Dumbledore discovers that Harry is a squib he just leaves Harry to his fate with the Dursleys and tells everyone that the Boy-Who-Lived just disappeared (luckily for Harry since Petunia learns that her nephew isn't a Freak she can no longer justify treating him like one). When they find Harry years later (when he has a life of his own, thank you very much) the Wizarding World are all Entitled Bastards and expect him to fight and die for them.
  • In Sweet Half-Blood Enchantment Colin Creevey became a Death Eater in order to prove he was "better" than every other Muggleborn and because Ginny refused to go out with him, murdering her, Ron and Hermione and then framing Harry for it.
  • In Sweet Protector Ron is mentioned in passing as being a Jerkass who ditched Harry as soon as he learned that Harry is gay.
  • In Thanks To A Snake Dumbledore is a Manipulative Bastard and many of the Weasleys are unfairly prejudiced against Slytherin House. Molly and Arthur kick poor Ginny out of the house when she's sorted into Slytherin.
  • In The Thorny Rose, Ron's jealousy over Harry being picked for the Triwizard Tournament only worsens as time passes (particularly because he considers Ginny's newfound friendship with Harry as a betrayal from Harry's part), to the point that he willingly collaborates with the Malfoys in a plot that could have brought Voldemort back. Then he has a breakdown and disappears. Subverted at the end of the series when Ron returns to save the day with The Reveal that Malfoy had put Ron under the Confundus making him Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • In Throwing Away a Hero Dumbledore gives Harry's uncle free reign to kill him so that there'll be nobody to contradict Dumbledore's claim that he defeated Voldemort.
  • In Time to Fix the Mistakes, Ginny poisons all of her children and tried to do the same to Harry, to "have the Potter fortune and fame" all to herself. Once in the past, Harry prevents Ginny from ever existing by secretly sterilizing Molly Weasley after Ron is born (who is actually not evil here, for once). Because Ginny is apparently pure evil from birth and unredeemable, and any children resulting from a union with her do not deserve to exist.
  • Subverted in Un Coeur Gris where Ron remains a loyal friend to Harry and sticks by him even after Harry admits that he's "a gay, immortal, time traveling, Dark vampire who was in love with the Dark Lord." Played straight however with a manipulative Dumbledore, Ginny who is Harry's Yandere Stalker with a Crush, and Hermione who freaks out at the first sign that Harry might be "Dark".
  • From the Fan Comic Voldemort Likes To Play in which Voldemort tells his story... with action figures:
    Voldemort: Everything was well until there came evil little boy named... Harry Potter!!! GNAA Evil Harry Potter came and destroyed the peace! NOOO! Everyone screamed and cried! NGAAH! "Is there anyone who can save us!?" yelled the Death Eaters. Suddenly there came a new hope! Mighty Voldemort arrived with his Nagini snake and together they kicked evil Harry Potter's ass!
  • In the Au story Wand Knife And Silence, Harry is raised as Blaise's brother and an assassin who kills when he thinks its necessary. Dumbledore is portrayed as a foolish Greater Good man who will prefer to use stunners on invading werewolves then allow lethal force in order to ensure the safety of his students.
  • The Well Groomed Mind, where the author genuinely believes Dumbledore is a Knight Templar Manipulative Bastard and claims it's canon. In this story Dumbledore mind raped Harry the moment he stepped foot into Hogwarts, rewriting his personality so that he ignores his abusive childhood of having to steal for food and ignores his hard-won survival instincts in order to be a Messianic Archetype Idiot Hero that everyone expects him to be. Harry realizes that Dumbledore is "grooming him" much like a child predator would:
    Targeting - vulnerable children
    Show trust/favoritism
    Special Gifts
    Isolate/alienate from peers/other adults & secrecy
    Desensitization (process used to test child's resistance and engage them in abuse)
    Maintenance (progression of acts and checking of risks)
    • Also in-story Harry compares the Order of the Phoenix to the Secret Police with their spying and invasions of privacy, throwing their enemies in prison without a trial, and their practice of summary execution via Dementor.
    • Ron is also said to be not a real friend to Harry and primarily interested in self-glorification, though he does at least seem to have some morals unlike Dumbledore. McGonagall, Hagrid, and Sirius are also involved with Dumbledore somehow.
  • Subverted in the first chapter of What Would Slytherin Harry Do?, where it looks like Ron has joined Umbridge's inquisition until Harry reveals near the end of the chapter that he was actually a Double Agent.
  • In Why Dumbledore Would Have Done Well To Look After Harry Properly as soon as Harry kills Voldemort, Dumbledore declares him "Dark" and tries to have him sent to Azkaban. In response Harry and his followers storm the ministry and take over the Wizarding World. Harry becomes a "benevolent Dark Lord" ruling with Hermione at his side.
  • In Wicked Serendipity after Harry learns of all the manipulations surrounding his life he decides he wants to go neutral and stay out of the Wizarding War, a decision not respected by most of his former allies and Harry finds himself hunted by the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry. It would be easier to name those who don't get this treatment: Snape, Hermione, Ginny, Bill, Fred and George, Luna, Neville, Moody, Remus, and Tonks. But, as usual, Ron and Molly are the worst, loudly ranting about "how ungrateful" and "cowardly" Harry is, how they never really wanted to be burdened with his presence, how Dumbledore made all sorts of promises regarding Harry and his fortune and marrying into the Weasley family, and how Harry should just do his duty and die like a good little Saviour. The Light Side seems to have gone insane without Harry or Dumbledore as a figurehead and have taken to regularly kidnapping and disappearing people, torturing people who are merely suspected of being "Dark," killing people for being distant cousins of Death Eaters (if they keep that up, considering The Black Family Tree, there won't be many wizards left), and even for just having tattoos—not the dark mark, muggle tattoos! The rabid aurors find they're "close enough," apparently.
  • In ComicsNix's The Wolf Blood Lineage, McGonagall is evil for no apparent reason, always attacking Hermione, making Neville lap dance for her and returning as a zombie to kill everyone. Dumbledore is also evil, but we never actually see him do anything besides righteously retalliating against Foxylene's attempts to murder him. Also, in a very weird twist, Hermione is also evil, being considered "selfish" and "hating everyone", but since it's Foxylene who accuses her of this it may simply be the latter's justification for hijacking her body. Additionally, it also demonises G-man, making him a socially darwinistic Mad Scientist trying to extract the "wizard gene".
  • WTF Fanfiction gives us this quote:
    "We're back and joined forces and stronger than ever!" said voldemort and Dumbledore at the same time!
    • They should have at least made it Dumbledore and Grindelwald...
  • You Complete Me begins with Harry burning the Dursleys alive. Ron and Hermione are traitors and spies for Dumbledore and the Weasley-Malfoy feud is a result of a Weasley man raping one of the Malfoy women. And then Harry hooks up with Voldemort.
  • In Potter's Revenge, Dumbledore apparently brainwashed the Dursleys into abusing Harry. And he is somehow willing and capable of pimpimg out Ginny for his own "twisted" purposes.
  • The Last Casualties portrays Dumbledore as an abuser who casually endangers children's lives and is, somehow, at fault for Sirius not getting a fair trial.
    • He was the leader of the Wizengamot, the wizard court, so he could have easily started a trial for Sirius or, at least, investigated why Sirius would betray the man he considered as good as his brother.

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