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05:03:51 PM Apr 17th 2012
edited by masamune1
I think, technicaly, "To the Pain" actually means Exactly What It Says on the Tin- you are supposed to fight to wound, not kill, until the opponent gives up from the agony (basically an I Quit match with swords). Thats really what Wesley was threatening to do; it only became the way the trope is described, the "scare the hell out of the other guy" version, because he was dealing with a Dirty Coward of inferior skill and tricked him into thinking that he, Wesley, was in fit shape to fight, and the Evil Prince was so outmatched that a fight "to the pain" might as well be a torture session.

So...maybe make a Type 1 and Type 2?
09:39:51 PM May 8th 2011
These seem to be descriptions of Cold-Blooded Torture rather than this trope; if someone is more familiar with them, please rewrite them to illustrate how they demonstrate To the Pain better.

  • Naruto Itachi makes the victims of his Tsukiyomi suffer intense physical and mental pain for days on end, effectively breaking their souls and sending them into long comas.
    • Ibiki Morino anyone?
  • In Fruits Basket it's revealed that when Akito and Yuki were both children, Akito locked Yuki in a dark room for days on end and beat him with a whip. During this time, Akito also subjected him to Mind Rape
10:47:16 AM May 23rd 2010
Probably could use a mention of why this is often done: sometimes it's hard to see exactly what is happening, particularly with the poison variation. The description makes what is happening a lot more vivid to the audience.
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