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04:59:27 PM Sep 26th 2011
edited by MSAdict
Aww. Where'd it go? I kinda liked it. It was Just for Fun after all.

Edit: Okay, serious time now. Why was a Just for Fun page cut? On the whole, it was a pretty clever section. Sure, it occasionally added to the creation of Snowclones, but I felt that it on the whole was a pretty inventive way of self-mockery. It mocked the creation of some tropes to a degree, and it did eventually produce a few decent trope names. It could be move it to the Darth Wiki (it might fit better at the sweeter end of the spectrum), but it doesn't really fit there, although it might be harder to find. I don't really find it to be any more of a problem than half the other Just for Fun pages we have on the main site.
05:54:13 PM Sep 26th 2011
It could also be moved to a sub trope of 'Darth Wiki: Tropes That Will Never Happen'. They're pretty similar in some aspects.
09:58:16 AM Oct 2nd 2011
09:52:20 AM Oct 7th 2011
Forum search doesn't turn up anything.
12:28:54 PM Oct 11th 2011
What he said, there is nothing on the fourms. It was a really quick thing.
05:49:15 AM Oct 13th 2011
He's telling y'all to take your complaints to the forums, not to find a forum topic.
01:54:53 PM Jun 16th 2011
edited by Hadashi

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