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05:54:31 PM May 24th 2015
"In City of Heroes, Leonard "Frostfire" Calhoun (Yes, that is his real name)"

"(Yes, that is his real name)" is potholed to Unfortunate Names. Why? I've Googled "Leonard Calhoun" and "Lenny Calhoun" and only come up with pages for people actually named that. There's also no entry for Leonard Calhoun on the Unfortunate Names page that would clarify it.

Can we either get a clarification of this joke, or remove it?
01:22:12 AM May 25th 2015
Sinkhole. You can remove it.
08:40:45 PM Nov 16th 2012
Is this trope too controversial for Real Life examples and why? What controversy would arise from it?
08:18:39 PM Oct 16th 2014
Same as all the other Evil Tropes, I'd imagine; calling real people "evil" is just asking for trouble.
09:11:02 AM Oct 29th 2011
I just removed the MLP example with Luna, because it's certainly not a proper example of this trope (at no point does Luna go evil; I think I'd struggle to call her even mean); and the way it's phrased is misleading as to what happens in the episode.

  • This happens in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode, "Luna Eclipsed." When Princess Luna comes back on the holiday Nightmare Night, she tries to earn back the affection of her subjects. Despite Twilight Sparkle trying to help, Princess Luna fails and declares Nightmare Night to be cancelled forever.
10:12:29 AM Aug 31st 2010
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