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08:58:28 AM Jun 1st 2014
Wait, when/why was this cut? This is a perfectly valid trope and is a staple of teen and 20-something comedies. I can't find any discussion on the cut, either.
01:54:28 AM Jun 2nd 2014
Apparently, it's "too adult".
04:30:24 AM Jun 2nd 2014
See also this thread.
08:02:52 AM Aug 19th 2014
Actually the Trope itself seemed to me to be quite inoffensive - generally played for laughs in older teenage/young adult-oriented fare - but the name "Art of Bra Removal" made it look much raunchier than it actually was.
08:32:55 AM Aug 19th 2014
Apparently Google doesn't agree with you, and since we sort-of rely on their ads for running the site, this trope had to go.
08:36:14 AM Aug 19th 2014
Yeah, I agree. I think that with a safer title it'd be fine, but I ran the idea by Ask The Tropers and met lukewarm response.

Ah well, we're at the Google's mercy.
10:34:40 AM Aug 19th 2014
edited by
to Septimus Heap: As far as I was able to find out, the objection of Google™ was aimed at the page titled "The Art of Bra Removal", with no specific mention what was wrong with its content.

(Please do not get me wrong - I do not object against the page deletion, I'm just trying to point out that the [Trope Name] was what was - most likely - objected against/objectionable. Had the page name been something like "Wardrobe Removal Failure" - or whatever - it could had much better chance of survival /or at least getting past the Google Dar/, I believe.)
01:56:36 AM Mar 19th 2012
I can unhook a bra one-handed, under or over clothes, top or bottom, so smoothly that my lover doesn't even notice. This has never gotten me any action.
08:44:14 AM Mar 19th 2012
And? This isn't Troper Tales. We don't even have Troper Tales. We don't care.
02:00:21 PM Mar 1st 2012
03:26:33 AM May 14th 2011
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