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03:56:19 PM May 30th 2011
Does Delia Ketchum from Pokémon count? The example says she was 28 when Ash was 10, meaning she was 18 when Ash was born. The trope description mentions that having children at 16 isn't that big a deal in Japan, and in at least some parts of the USA it's not uncommon to get married straight out of high school (at 18) and start a family immediately. It would technically be a literal "teenage pregnancy", but since she could have been a socially recognized and economically viable adult at the time, it doesn't necessarily fit the spirit of the trope.
04:34:55 PM Sep 14th 2010
More recently, abortions are occasionally a solution, although this is still rare, and the typical fictional teenager generally tries to hide her pregnancy from her parents for as long as possible, which never actually equates to "when she starts looking visibly pregnant". This may ultimately result in a Prom Baby. When hiding it from others besides the parents see Stigmatic Pregnancy Euphemism. Even more recently, there's been a trend toward keeping the baby, period, although this is hardly exclusive to very recent works.

rewrote this part as didn't make much grammatical sense.
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