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Teen Pregnancy
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A stock plot. Usually the result of teenagers fooling around without protection, though in particularly dark works, may be the result of rape. Oddly, the latter is, if anything, more likely to make the pregnant girl a target for Libbies, unless she was one and the rape was karmic justice. Since Status Quo Is God, most earlier works will have the young mother suffer a Convenient Miscarriage or else put it up for adoption (if this is a soap opera, you can count on the child returning to find his or her real parents as soon as he or she reaches adulthood, which usually takes about ten years). This latter plot can even affect shows that don't have long enough runs to see the teenage mother grow up, as an adult character can be revealed to have given up a child for adoption as a teenager.

More recently, abortions are occasionally a solution, although this is still rare because a minor cannot get an abortion without a parent's consent and the typical fictional teenager generally tries to hide her pregnancy from her parents for as long as possible, which never actually equates to "when she starts looking visibly pregnant".

Even more recently, there's been a trend toward keeping the baby, period, although this is hardly exclusive to very recent works.

Truth in Television, obviously.

  • Juno is all about a girl who keeps the baby.
  • So is The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
  • Degrassi High Degrassi Junior High: Spike got pregnant with Emma in the second season and had her in between seasons. Yes, that was on Degrassi Junior High.
    • Degrassi: The Next Generation had Manny get pregnant in high school and have an abortion. Unsurprisingly, this two-part episode didn't air in the US on the first run.
      • Later, Liberty gets pregnant and carries the baby to term, though she puts it up for adoption after breaking up with the father (who was perfectly willing to take responsibility, but it ended up leading him to have a breakdown.)
  • Danielle van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives got pregnant, got shipped away to have the baby, and her mother pretended to be pregnant so as to keep the baby within the family.
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