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05:13:33 PM Jan 25th 2011
edited by MarkLungo
I think the title Avengers desperately needs an entry on the Ambiguity Index, because of ongoing confusion between the TV series and the Marvel comic (not to mention their film versions). However, the Main/The Avengers namespace is already taken up by this article, which makes creating an ambiguity page difficult. I've already done a Series/The Avengers redirect for this page; is there any way the entire article can be moved there?
10:38:58 PM Feb 7th 2011

Well, the page move and the disambiguation notice are done; there's still about 400 links to disambiguate.
09:45:56 PM Jul 15th 2010
I took this out of the "The Other Darrin" trope. As I understand it, it's only for cases where a new actor is brought in to play the same character as someone who has left/is unavailable. The person who added the trope tried to make it seem as if the addition of Thorson was an example of this, but it is not as she was not cast as Emma Peel, and was not even a last-minute replacement as Rigg's departure was not a sudden one.
09:55:17 PM Jun 23rd 2010
I was going to suggest that the section on the film is large enough to be split off to Film.TheAvengers, but then I realised that might cause problems later on.

Perhaps we should anyway?