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08:54:14 AM Jan 15th 2013
11:49:51 PM May 22nd 2012
Still page for "Brainiac Is Kept Out Of Gotham" I rather like that one.
11:48:30 PM May 22nd 2012
At the end of War Crimes Batman gets Chen (A Gotham New anchor) and interview with Superman, she asks "Can he really leap tall buildings in a single bound?" to which Batman respond "Not in MY city" Badass Normal to the core.

I see no film examples yet, though the Avengers universe definitely will justify it soon.

This is mostly a Comic Book thing, where different genres of heroes who wouldn't be inhabiting the same universe in other medium are inevitably put together in the comics. But things like Super Smash Bothers and and Dissida arguable make it a poential issue in some Video Games. And no also Mario&Sonic at the Olympic games.
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