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07:41:25 PM Sep 8th 2012
Why is "Board Games" separated from "Tabletop Games?"
01:48:50 PM Oct 23rd 2011
edited by fenyx4
I'm not sure whether the "Sugar Bowl" hang-out place from Arthur (and by extension, Elwood City) counts as one/ties into this trope. Arthur's world does seem to usually be a happy place.
03:26:17 PM Jul 15th 2011
Would the Shire from Lord of the Rings world be considered one? I mean, it's the closest and most realistic sugarbowl you're going to get from a non-lollipop and rainbows dreamland.
10:42:08 PM Apr 10th 2011
These apparently are not good examples of the trope, being more Crapsaccharine World — but please Repair, Don't Respond.

  • The bad guys in Razes Hell are Killer Rabbits who come from a Sugar Bowl.
    • Of course, the fact that their nation is sustained by evil arguably makes it more of a Crapsaccharine World than a Sugar Bowl.

  • Imaginationland in South Park... that is until the terrorist attack.
    • Imaginationland is arguably rather an example of a Crapsaccharine World. All your imaginations come into existence, and the darker ones have to be barred out by a wall, which is arguably always in danger of somehow breaking.
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