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09:09:01 PM Feb 2nd 2014
I didn't think this merited being added to the main page, so:

Back in the late '80s and much of the '90s, a number of daytime talk shows such as Jenny Jones, Maury, etc. would do this to members of the Goth, punk, gamer, etc. subcultures, usually with "Please Give My Freaky Teenager a Makeover" to turn the goth/punk/etc. teen into a "normal" (read: preppy/fashionable) person. Invariably, members of such subcultures were presented as "weird" and "freaky" and needing to be 'normalized'. (For obvious reasons, few if any of those shows ever did a follow-up episode to see if the made-over teen kept the "new & improved" look for more than a couple of weeks.)

...And then there's Jerry Springer...
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