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12:50:23 PM Mar 5th 2012
edited by ArcadesSabboth
People responded to this instead of repairing it, so there's clearly a dispute whether this is a valid example. I tried to clean up the way it was indented, but it still isn't clear to me whether this should be on the page at all:

  • Aesop's story "The Lion and The Elephant" borders the Broken Aesop realm with its nonsensical Aesop "The elephant is afraid of the mosquito." Possible interpretations:
    • It made more sense in the original Greek.
    • The Aesop here is "Even small things can cause severe annoyance to big things."
    • Or, there's the simple rule of understanding Greek stories "If you're not sure what's going on, assume that Hubris is involved somehow."
    • Or the always reliable "Man, those Greek Gods were dicks."
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