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01:35:24 PM Feb 16th 2013
edited by cclosina
Uncanny valley should not be on the list.

1- For starters, the Uncanny Valley is from the point of view of a spectator.While this trope is for In-universe examples.

2- A Uncanny valley character would be considered beautiful. Johan (Monster), and Royal pain (Sky High), despite being examples of Uncanny Valley Girl, they are considered In-Universe beautiful.
09:41:56 AM Sep 28th 2011
My experience is that signs of beauty tend to fall into 3 categories: Physical Health, Mental Health, and Hormonal Expression. For example, the quintessential stereotypes are the thin, big-breasted woman and the massive, muscled man. Breast size of women and musculature of men correlate to hormonal expression, while low body fat correlates to physical health. The wild card, though, is body-language, the tell for mental health. Confidence and self-assurance show through body language, or can be reasonably faked. If that muscly guy won't look others in the face, and slouches all of the time, he'll still be seen as weak and taken advantage of. The extremes of hormonal expression, however, fall into the uncanny valley and are not, in fact, healthy expressions, which is why they can seem a bit off-putting (they are to me). In this case, though, beauty really ISN'T skin deep, is it?
08:31:11 AM Jan 2nd 2012
You mean, apart from physical health having almost nothing to do with weight and mental health having very little to do with how one looks? Someone can be fat and healthy. Someone can be "attractively thin" and unhealthy. Someone can be a wreck mentally but be good at hiding it.

I'm "attractively thin"—so attractively thin that my doctor and therapist want me to gain twenty pounds. I'm hardly healthy, then. I'm also seriously mentally ill, but you would never guess it, not unless you caught me on a very bad day.

08:56:22 PM Jun 13th 2011
edited by samarlo20
Uncanny Valley Girls are in the ugly scale.
  • But the most of examples the Uncanny valley girl are Beautiful or even examples of Evil Is Sexy.

Ps: A Uncanny Valley can be Beautiful.

06:48:25 PM Apr 17th 2011
New level idea:

  • Lovecraftian
    • They are so ugly, you may go insane just by looking at them!
09:49:23 PM Apr 17th 2011
Sure why not ?
10:55:39 AM Jul 15th 2011
Do you think we could rename the current "Divine" level to "Superhuman", and make a new "Divine" level for explicitly supernatural beauty for Physical Gods, Humanoid Abominations, and similar "way beyond superhuman" kinds of entities?
01:34:53 PM Sep 2nd 2011
I agree. There are a lot of characters in fiction who are explicitly superhumanly beautiful without being godlike or causing a Brown Note of some kind to anyone who looks at them. The new "divine" would be the beautiful counterpart to the madness-inducing Lovecraftian, and the "superhuman" would be the counterpart to the "monstrous."
01:36:15 AM Jan 3rd 2012
So... What do we do?
09:16:08 AM Jan 26th 2013
Oi, anybody?
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