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01:02:55 PM Jan 22nd 2016
How is this different from Sister Ship? Either needs merged or explanations added to trope descriptions. I would add them, but I honestly have no idea how they are different.
01:15:21 AM Aug 29th 2013
Naru-Mitsu, Ace Attorney Fan-Preferred Couple? Uh, not in my experience - in my experience Naru-Mitsu shippers tend to get shouted down by both Wright/Iris and Wright/Maya shippers under the auspices of either "O GAWD YAOI" or "Are you on crack?" Can we either nuke that pothole or change it to, like, Ho Yay?
02:44:16 AM May 25th 2012
Spike/Dawn is like the only Buffy related Ship not given at least a namedrop here, and some are name dropped to say nothing more then that this Trope doesn't factor into it.

Regardless when I used to read Spawn flicks constantly I do recall other ships being mated with this, there is certainly good reason to Ship Buffy with someone else if your a Spawn shipper.

Ok Dawn/Tara wasn't mentioned either, but ironically Spike and Tara where to my memory the most popular Ships for Dawn back in the day anyway. Yet their the only 2 Dawn Ships ignored here.
12:18:51 AM Oct 1st 2011
I don't understand this trope.
04:52:55 PM Oct 16th 2011
Quite simply, it the multiple pairings within a fandom that enthusiasts tend to like together. This may be because it frees up a potentially messy triangle or clear up sort of ambiguity between characters. Or perhaps the two or more pairs just complement each other.
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