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10:38:19 AM Feb 1st 2013
edited by Kurtulmak
The Trope Repair Shop is full, which is.. apparently.. a thing.

So, since I can't ask there — what exactly is the different between this trope and Henchmen Race? As far as I can tell, the latter suggests some sort of military purpose but the trope examples don't really reflect that.
06:20:25 AM Nov 12th 2013
I'm with you in that the distinction between them isn't clear. It's especially worrying that Servant Race's YKTTW had been launched after only 10 responses.
10:51:38 PM Jan 30th 2011
Cut this:
  • On the other paw humanity is this to cats... at least according to the cats.
Because we regularly declaw and neuter or spay them. And when we find it necessary or expedient, we gas them or otherwise put them to "sleep." So no, we are not their servants.
09:40:34 PM Oct 9th 2010
Cut this:
Because Ghouls aren't a race. They're individuals who have been given power in exchange for serving a vampire, but they can be from any race. Some ghouls are animals.
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