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04:08:35 AM Dec 29th 2013
Pulled this:

  • While Deus Ex is a well-known name in the hardcore and older gaming communities, many newer and casual players are probably more familiar with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While Human Revolution is probably more enjoyable if you play it having played the original, the game is a prequel, and can stand on its own.

I'm not sure who wrote this, but the original game has, and continues to, sell well. Not only was it one of a select few games at the time to receive a Game of the Year edition, but the continuing popularity of the original game is what even resulted in Human Revolution's development in the first place.

Likewise, the original game sold more than 1 million units in 2000 alone, and Invisible War sold even better.

I can't tell if this is just an overzealous fan who wrote this, but this trope is for sequels that displace a game that's barely known and/or had many flaws that were rectified by the later game.

There's also a large problem in this trope with people trying to equate a Spiritual Successor with a previous game from the same company, and using that to deem the older game as insignificant. I'll try to prune those when i have time.
10:35:24 PM Feb 10th 2012
I'm pretty sure that the word "Hardcore" is used more times on this page than anywhere else on this wiki.
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