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05:26:06 AM May 19th 2013
Re cut request: See thread
11:58:06 AM Sep 2nd 2010
Should there be a Selfish Evil? Isn't Evil as commonly defined inherently selfish?
09:07:26 AM Sep 17th 2010
I'll admit that I don't quite understand it completely myself but I think the difference between Evil and Selfish Evil is that sometimes Evil can work with each other (Lawful/Neutral Evil) while Selfish Evil is out for themselves exclusively. Or something to that effect.
07:04:09 AM Nov 9th 2010
Doesn't the neutral evil trope say that any character that is inherently selfish is defacto Neutral Evil?
02:16:06 PM Jan 23rd 2012
Yeah, whilst not all evil characters are selfish, the majority of them certainly are. The willingless to go to any lengths for your own gain is pretty much the definition of evil.
07:53:25 PM May 10th 2012
This concept is dealt with more elegantly via traditional sling meant systems. It's a YMMV category, but a lot of the examples imply a mistaken notion of what those categories mean.
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