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Roleplay: Chagion

A thread named "THE KITTY VIRUS IS SPREADING!" was started by Icalasari in the IJBM forum, referring to the wide-spread usage of one of Chagen46's avatars: a cute little boy with white hair and cat ears shown at left. The thread soon erupted into a war between the Chagion (a collective term for the "army" of tropers using said avatar), and lumberjacks, complete with a Chagion-god sockpuppetnote . Snow Fox Of Death morphed into a snow fox goddess. Then Jesus and Satan (otherwise known as Santa Claus) decided to settle a 3000 year old conflict. Snow Fox and Demongodofchaos2 had an epic battle in space before Juancarlos 11 revealed himself to be Jesus and demanded they hand over their Jewels of Evolution to save everyone from being turned into Chagions. Hilarity ensued pretty hard.

The thread still exists, but it's a little confusing now that pretty much everyone has changed their avatars since then. Snow Fox, Icalasari, DYRE, and Santa Josieph did their best to save the entire thing just in case. A download link will be posted as soon as it is needed.

Tropes used in Chagion:

El Cafe Du WatchogTroper WorksA City Of Weirdos

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