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01:24:26 PM Apr 14th 2013
Does anyone else think we're overusing sarcasm mode on pages for nightmare fuel and tearjerkers? Seeing so many people acting like sarcastic smart alecks on pages for fear and sadness gets old fast.

Seriously, I've seen a lot of sarcastic "thanks for that, [creator]" on those types of pages.
02:22:23 AM Nov 15th 2010
Anyone else in favor of a Take That! style warning against the oh-so-clever types who pothole this article like they've got some speech impediment that causes them to talk like HK-47?
04:52:39 PM Feb 2nd 2012
It's there now, but just to make sure I'm going to check the "Related" page every other day to weed out any new ones. That way, I can make sure it doesn't happen again. I'll have to avoid pages about works I don't want spoiled, though.
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