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02:50:19 PM Aug 6th 2010
I added "Breast Binding" as a redirect, since the current name is non-indicative in English.
10:49:43 PM Sep 9th 2010
I've tried googling it, and I cannot find it.
04:06:05 AM Jun 14th 2010
Name Change.
04:13:00 AM Jun 14th 2010
I think the name should be changed for the sake of those unfamiliar with Japanese. I mistaken thought this was Bandage Babe. I know that the link on the B.B page led me here but it was still confusing. An interesting lesson in Japanese sure but... yea. I don't understand all the Japanese Trope names anyway. We don't have any in strictly Norwegian or German or Arabic, so why does Japanese get a pass? Not a xenophobe but it does make it hard for some English speakers. Pettanko? Really? I would never get what it means and honestly it just... doesn't make much sense when you could say... Flat Chested Girl. I rambled off topic. Anyway, I think the title should be changed.
01:03:00 PM Jun 26th 2010
Bandage Bra?
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