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04:14:14 PM Jul 9th 2012
Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin isn't actually a samurai. He was born a commoner and eventually became a slave or something similar, as that was how he was in the caravan that was ambushed immediately prior to his meeting Seijuro Hiko. He was trained as a swordsman, and he worked for a notable samurai during the revolution, but the rank never seems to have been conferred upon him officially. In his later life, he was a rurouni (hence the title of the show), which as I understand it is something similar to a ronin, in the sense of being a wanderer with no master.
06:22:59 AM May 10th 2012
Were firearms really banned from Japan? I don't think they were, just strictly controlled like swords.
11:57:54 AM Jan 10th 2013
Yup, that's right. I have now changed it.
06:30:34 AM Jul 24th 2011
Actually, Zatoichi is not a samurai, just a peasant with a sword. He is a yakuza (more in the gambler sense than the cheesy gangster sense), who has the job of blind Anma. Some of Ichi's social position could not become a samurai. He shouldn't. technically be on the list.
02:43:38 PM May 21st 2011
I think one noteworthy thing about Samurai is how thier Armor is rarely shown in most heroic exemples.
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