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04:57:08 AM Jan 31st 2013
Quite a few of the examples on this page are completely spoilered, which goes against Spoiler Policy; would anyone object if we put a 'due to the nature of this trope, you may find unmarked spoilers if you read on' warning in the description?
08:21:30 AM Apr 10th 2012
There was a story from Iraq where a 16 year old kid was in a burning vehicle with no way to get to him, and a soldier shot him so he didn't have to suffer. The soldier was later court marshaled for the war crime of shooting a non combatant. Anyone know the source?
12:07:29 PM Mar 19th 2011

I think this was true once, but now that we're all too conscious of the weapon potential of a hijacked airliner, at least in the US, procedures have been changed so that the pilot isn't to turn over the plane no matter what. Does anyone have a source?
04:02:34 PM Mar 5th 2010
  • In regard to the entry about the Sailor Moon fanfic: out of curiosity, how did it explain Chibi-Usa?
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