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09:16:58 PM Sep 16th 2014
Would like to point out that, at least in my case, the right answer to the prison sadistic choice ("I kick your ass or I fuck it; your choice") was to kick the guy in the dick and bash his head against the wall until guards intervened. Six months in jail and nobody else even looked at me.
04:57:08 AM Jan 31st 2013
Quite a few of the examples on this page are completely spoilered, which goes against Spoiler Policy; would anyone object if we put a 'due to the nature of this trope, you may find unmarked spoilers if you read on' warning in the description?
08:21:30 AM Apr 10th 2012
There was a story from Iraq where a 16 year old kid was in a burning vehicle with no way to get to him, and a soldier shot him so he didn't have to suffer. The soldier was later court marshaled for the war crime of shooting a non combatant. Anyone know the source?
12:07:29 PM Mar 19th 2011

I think this was true once, but now that we're all too conscious of the weapon potential of a hijacked airliner, at least in the US, procedures have been changed so that the pilot isn't to turn over the plane no matter what. Does anyone have a source?
04:02:34 PM Mar 5th 2010
  • In regard to the entry about the Sailor Moon fanfic: out of curiosity, how did it explain Chibi-Usa?