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02:15:52 PM Jul 8th 2017
I know it's a popular theory that "The Evil of the Daleks" is the very final end of the Daleks (especially if you're John Peel), but it's rather belied by the fact it has a classic a The End... Or Is It? with a Dalek being Not Quite Dead, even as the Doctor declares their final end. (And it's not even the first or last time he'd think that.) According to Doctor Who: The Sixties, less than six months later there was serious discussion of a Daleks/Cybermen story. We'd have to wait 39 years for this to actually happen, but it suggests the BBC didn't think the Daleks were beyond use. They just had to get it cleared with Terry Nation. Which is the other thing.

It's certainly the case that The BBC spent the late sixties trying to find "the new Daleks", but what I've read suggests that this was not because they'd foolishly decided against using the monsters, but because Nation was trying to sell them as a standalone franchise in the US, and they couldn't use them without his permission. (Probably why the above idea never happened). After this fell through, we got "Day", and eventually Nation returning to write them himself in "Genesis".

That's how I understand it, anyway. ICBW.
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