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03:56:39 PM Oct 3rd 2016
Not willing to edit under Literature/Lovecraft(Carter), but there seems an interesting take on this from what I remember of Lovecraft's works. While Carter's history and personality aren't entirely consistent over all of his appearances (the prevailing belief is he's an Author Avatar for whatever Lovecraft wanted him to reflect in a given story and his appearances in short stories effectively written to defend Lovecraft's writing style and philosophies seem to support this), it seemed to me presented as if the very source of his effectiveness is his lack of stereotypical manliness. It's like a mixture of proto-Magical Girl thinking with his existing views on human evolutionary progress: a languid dreamer of delicate and refined sensibilities must by definition be tougher of both mind and body, more competent to fight monsters or achieve great goals, than any beast-like "manly man" could ever hope to be. My reading's far too questionable to put anything under the main page, but I wanted to register the comment.
07:39:32 PM Jun 6th 2013
Okay...there are a ton of zero-context examples here, some of which are just gushing over shows being badass (the Mass Effect one, for instance, is just gushing over how much of a badass Shepard is without providing any real context for it—also not mentioning Femshep). Perhaps we could clean this page up a bit.
11:17:58 PM Jun 4th 2016
I agree. Many examples have just derived to includes every setting where men are strong characters, but without the parody-levels of PREPOSTERONE the trope implies.
05:24:14 AM Jul 3rd 2011
Just wanna say that the new image is excellent.
07:50:09 PM Dec 23rd 2010
Is this primarily a work related trope, or can it also be applied to characters?
02:56:04 PM Jul 10th 2010
There seems to be a lot of topics like should belong in Testosterone Poisioning instead like Team Fortress 2 who is a very obvious parody (In fact Saxton Hale takes the picture there)

I think we should try to clean the topic a bit
09:57:18 AM Feb 25th 2013
Seconded. If we want them to be separate tropes, it'll need a lot of cleaning.
05:04:21 AM Mar 13th 2010
I clicked that link for that "I Love The 80s Strikes Back" and could find a single mention of anything that "struck back" as it were. Are the two really related? Regardless of that, a write-up would be appreciated.
05:56:30 PM Apr 2nd 2010
It's just the title of the show. It's a reference to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which came out in 1980 and was the sequel to Star Wars: A New Hope. "I Love the 80s Strikes Back" is the second installment of the "I Love the 80s" program on VH-1.
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