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04:41:43 AM Mar 16th 2011
Probably not an example — the train is not forcing the player through a plot, the analogy is a bit forced. There may well be better examples in the game series but the specific details aren't given so I'm moving this one to discussion.

04:40:17 AM Mar 16th 2011
edited by Camacan
Probably not an example. As a form, Impro depends on broadly telegraphing ideas to advance the plot between actors as a matter of necessity. They are unlikely to consider it railroading as it's defined here. Bob Franklin's reaction makes more sense in that context.

  • Thank God You're Here can fall victim to this, especially when one of the more comedic contestants starts a rant or starts digging themselves into a hole. It sometimes results in the ensemble cast (who attempt to steer the scene) into completely ignoring the last few things said.
    • This is a common necessity in acting exercises using improv, especially if most participants are amateurs (and yes, I know that's not a flattering implication to these contestants.)
    • Amusingly, Bob Franklin has at least twice complimented the railroaders for doing so.