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01:39:43 PM Oct 19th 2013
Okay, just so we're clear; this isn't for say, a bad guy who likes Playing with Fire, or even a Smug Super or Attention Whore who uses pyrotechnics. There has to be at least an implication that they have a bit too much enthusiasm for setting things on fire. Just so we're clear, right?
01:37:52 PM Mar 7th 2012
Don't mean to nitpick here, but the main page says that some cases of pyromania can cause the sufferer to feel a sexual release from starting/setting fires. This is actually a specific variety called pyrophilia (as in, starting fires as a form of sexual fetish). Can there be a hottip added to note this?
06:12:13 PM Apr 27th 2012
I wouldn't be surprised if pyrophilia was in some cases a subset or symptomatic of a more general pyromania. So, I say keep it as is.
12:20:00 AM Nov 7th 2013
It isn't. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV classifies pyromania as an impulse-control disorder, and pyrophilia as a, well, paraphilia. Nowhere does it say that the two overlap.
01:54:50 PM Nov 15th 2011
Can we please add Michael Bay to the Real Life section?
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