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07:23:58 AM Feb 8th 2014
Example from the Literature section I removed while cleaning up links to "Kunoichi":

  • In Kunoichi this is implied to be Lin Peng's only power. Or the only power of the majority of the Magical Girls...

Now, we do not have a page for a novel of that title, though it also had an example on Gratuitous Japanese (which I also removed). When I did a Google search, I couldn't find any reference to a novel of that title.

The example should be put back when someone at least has better info.
08:47:39 PM Jul 19th 2013
Would it be alright to start up a Playing With section?

Well, whatever:

Psycho Electro
09:15:14 AM Aug 31st 2011
somehow I'm missing a certain scientific railgun in the examples I could be wrong, but I really do think Misaka Mikoto would be fitting
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