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08:47:18 PM Feb 19th 2011
I think this is more a TRS issue rather than a flat out cut. There's a trope here. It just needs a better explanation and examples using it moved to this page.
09:28:17 PM Feb 19th 2011
Should this go to the TRS or YKTTW?
11:23:15 AM Feb 20th 2011
What examples could it possibly have? I'm a big game show fan and I can't think of anything that would be more than "Game show X has promotional consideration." It seems very much a People Sit on Chairs trope.
05:58:15 PM Feb 20th 2011
I can imagine it being a valid game show trope worth having. It really needs to go through YKTTW though.
09:35:52 PM Feb 20th 2011
The phrase is valid, and not just for gameshows. This should be an advertisement trope, where short advertisements for products are bundled directly into gameshows and other non-fictional programming, often directly after the last ad break. These ads tend to be less fancy than normal ads.

It is not just gameshows. I've heard this with talk shows as well...
04:36:47 PM Apr 24th 2011
I've added Speigel as an example. To the best of my knowledge, from the 60's to the 80's, Promotional Consideration on various game shows (in the form of prizes) was the only form of advertising they did aside from their mail-order catalogue.
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