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05:45:39 AM Jun 27th 2012
If I were to ask why we need a "No Real Life Examples Please" disclaimer for this page, would I regret it?
01:38:56 PM Jun 27th 2012
Possibly because someone decided it was impossible to have Real Life examples, so we needed a banner spelling it out and making it seem like such a section, which has never existed on the page, was problematic. I'm all for removing the banner, though I guess it can stay on the index. Currently, I've just rephrased it.
10:13:33 PM Jun 20th 2010
The whole May Queen Ivy thing is detailed in a the Neil Gaiman tribute book Prince Of Stories, if anyone cares I could sum up the whole thing here so someone might be able to get her entry down to size while expanding on Swamp Thing and Black Orchid's entries.
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