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Meiriona is a troper who lives in up state New York and aspires to a career in writing. She also cheers for villains. Mei has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, and combats social phobia daily. Please respect this fact, as despite being heavily medicated, social stunting has made her quick to become offended, somewhat literal minded, and very adverse to physical contact. May be a contributing factor to her asexuality.

Please don't get her started on Jinx of Teen Titans. It will not end well. Feel free to bring up Azula all you want, however.

Can be found lurking in: any villain related entries, Labyrinth, and places more suitable for children than the 26 year old she is.

Contributes examples from:

Created the YKTTW entries of:

Maybe others I didn't see had launched.


Maybe others that launched without me noticing.

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