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07:54:40 PM Jul 16th 2017
edited by TristanJeremiah
Anyway the page image can be changed to Pikmin?
02:19:21 AM Aug 13th 2012
edited by GuesssWho
This might be a better picture: http:// varie-cose/Wood_Element_Leopard.jpg

11:52:11 AM Aug 9th 2012
Is there really any good justification for excluding fungi-animal hybrids from this trope? I mean, if you want to be pedantic, then you also need to exclude examples based on seaweed and algae since they are not true members of Plantae.

I don't think there are enough examples of fungus-animal hybrids to justify a separate page, but they do need to be covered somewhere. If you want to satisfy the pedantic itch, you could just include the line: "Fungus-animal hybrids are covered under the trope too, even though fungi are not true plants."
04:14:09 AM May 24th 2013
I'm in agreement with this.

I'm actively resisting the urge to go hunt down what makes a mushroom different from a plant, because I've done enough time-wasting internet trawling tonight. But what's going through my head is "Wait, there's animal (pretty sure mushroom is not that), vegetable, and mineral, and since mushroom eats nutrients and grows then it has to be a vegetable, right?" And if the rules of 20 Questions can't get us past this debate, then I don't know what can.
09:30:45 AM Jun 2nd 2013
No fungi do not belong on this page. Algae are at least autotrophs who get their ATP from nearly the exact same process. In that sense, photosynthetic bacteria would belong here before a fungus did unless it is something like a lichen or maybe mycorrihzae (in which case plant/algae is just working together with or being parasitized by a fungi).

As for what makes a mushroom different from a plant...a mushroom is just two fungus having sex. It's only purpose is to send off spores. Beyond that a plant algae's primary makeup is cellulose, the fungi's is chitin, meaning fungi is already pretty close to animals(arthropods).
08:06:57 PM Mar 16th 2015
This is obviously an old debate, and obviously unsettled since there are fungus examples on the page. If fungi don't go here, the simple question is, where do they go? I'm in favor off changing the page text to include them.
11:48:50 PM Mar 16th 2015
That restriction was added in 2012, without discussion apparently. It may be worth discussing in Trope Talk.
06:13:29 AM Mar 17th 2015
I'm fine with adding in. Their makeup is irrelevant to how they're portrayed in fiction, which is basically as an exotic plant.
01:48:46 PM Jan 12th 2016
edited by johnnye
So far only one person seems to have raised an objection, on the basis of achingly pedantic taxonomic categorisation.

This is a website devoted to categorising cultural tropes, not organisms. Plantae and Animalia are scientific categories; more germane to this trope, as Kilyle suggested, are the layperson's "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral". Ideally, perhaps the trope would be called "Vegimal", but an overly narrow name is not reason enough to pointlessly restrict the trope.
11:03:04 AM Apr 27th 2012
edited by KarjamP
accedental double post
11:03:04 AM Apr 27th 2012
Super Mario Brothers said to "look at the film example above". What film example?
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